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AP Photo/Bill Haber
~In this area, water seeps under the levee of the 17th Street Canal levee, May 20, in New Orleans.
Outside engineering experts studying the project told AP that the type of seepage spotted at this levee afflicts the city's other levees too, and could cause some of them to collapse during a storm.

Sandy Rosenthal of at "little wet spot"-Sun. June 22
~Your arrant Editilla rode da'bike out to this 17th Street Leak May 26th, 4-7pm, Nolatime.
The largest Leak (pictured left) was approximately 15 yards long by 5 yards wide then. This same "wet spot" has expanded into the leak in the picture of June 22nd above. It is now at least 50 yards long by 30 yards wide and growing. It has spread more than thrice its previous size in just under 30 days. Furthermore, there is now a channel of water nearly 4 inches deep flowing down the middle, which along with the leaks new growth suggests that the Corps has done nothing with this Leak since decreeing that they would contract a
third party to sort out levee seepage. But there it is...

Looking for all the world just like the River, the flooding one, the one headed for New Orleans right now, right into the front yards of anyone living near ExQuixotic Corps levees, it has also even become a wetland hit with migrating waterflowl! HA! What Editilla been tolin'yaz?
The Duck Stops Here!
Stilla'Editilla points and axs...
America, who ya'gonna believe?
The Corps of Engineers who built these failing levees?
Faux'journalists clothed in sheep's bleating,
who continue to give the Corps the Last Word?

Can we the people survive this team media onslaught?
Cyber'Ops Engineers~to the left of us.
Ed'Ops Privateers ~to the right.

~Here we am...

Yeah we...
US Corps of Engineers says
Levees Acutally Have Not Failed!

Midwest Levees Reportedly Working as Planned

3 Ways to Re-Engineer the Gulf and Stop Katrina 2.0: Expert Op-Ed~Robert Bea

13 Ass'Buff Questions for the Army Corps of Engineers' Flood Reconstruction Chief from Popular Mechanics
~Thus continues the Team Media spin on our nation's Failing Engineering Infrastructure.
But our own Levees beg to differ:

~~I, national spokesperson for Levees.Org, which arose after Katrina, do challenge the answer to this question:
So this isn't about levee failure,
like in New Orleans?

In New Orleans, those 46 levee breaches due to overtopping happened because the the Corps of Engineers built the levees two feet two low and didn't armor them, so water quickly eroded them. To say they were not failures is baloney.

Second, the four "true" failures he alludes to were catastrophic and caused two thirds of the flooding in New Orleans.

The Corps of Engineers work in New Orleans was substandard and grossly negligent.

Sandy Rosenthal
Founder and Executive Director,
Corps of Engineers says midwest flooding overwhelmed federal levees
The highest good is like water.
Water gives life to the ten thousand things
and does not strive.

It flows in places men reject and so is like the Tao.
In dwelling, be close to the land.
In meditation, go deep in the heart.
In dealing with others, be gentle and kind.
In speech, be true.
In ruling, be just.
In business, be competent.
In action, watch the timing.
No fight: No blame.
Lao Tzu

Dam Inspection Data Withheld From Press Under Patriot Act

Beware Section 702c
~The obscure clause protects the government from suits by flood victims.

DHS files suit against cooperating landowners in "Friendly Land Condemnation"?
~The lawsuit, one of more than 100 land condem- nation cases pending in Cameron County,
--is likely an attempt to clear the title on his land.
Our good friends at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, calls the type of case a "friendly land condemnation."
~Editilla Stigmalatas~
What next, Friendly Hell Fire? 2+2=5?

Governor Jindal:
~Krewe of Truth

Senate passes spending bill without money for N.O. aid

New Orleans inspector general: up and running

Reinsurers could absorb another Katrina -Amlin

Louisiana Citizens Raises Rates and Gives Complimentary Tube of Vaseline With Policy Renewals ~slabbed

2008 is the first time Mississippi school integrates prom
~Affrodite's Adventures in Nappy Hair

Katrina death list in works

Waterlogged Missouri levee latest under pressure from Mississippi

New Orleans church official lends Iowans her expertise on disasters

Midwest Governors ask Bush for more flooding money

Indiana city considers purchase of flood-damaged homes

Scuffles break out among flood victims seeking food vouchers
~Hat T'n'T-World News Bulletin (Don't ask:)

A Beautiful Development In A Disaster Area
~Walking the Fault

Special thanks to Amy Denio for the photo.
Blow Winds! Rage, Blow!
~Citizen K

Deluge for a Deluge~Brick

Liprap's Lament - The Line

Jabberwalk: What Lord David Really Thinks of New Orleans
~Hat T'n'T-Thanks Katrina

Port? Jobs? Housing? The Chicken, the Egg, and Scarcity Mentality . . . Again
~A.M. in the Morning

Over 1,300 Students Mobilize to Rebuild New Orleans on July 4th
~Student volunteers from 152 campuses across the U.S. will dedicate their July 4th holiday to rebuilding New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward community for residents and their children. HOPE worldwide, with the help of these young volunteers, plans to clear 50 to 100 building lots making way for future homes, develop a memorial garden for those who lost their lives during the storm and complete other beautification projects.

Atheists to the Rescue in New Orleans~When the going gets weird...

Calling During Disasters

Amtrak hints service to Memphis may be sinking

What to do about New Orleans' trailers?

Elizabeth Brown; New Orleans Muralist

Spooky, wonderful music CD in Neal Stephenson's new novel ~boingboing

Resurgence of music in Big Easy helps residents heal

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