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What Me Worry???
"There was either additional ground settlement out there since the survey was done, or there were errors in the original survey. I just don't know."
~John Grieshaber, chief of execution support for the corps' Hurricane Protection Office.
~Editilla jus'axin~Then, WHO the Fuck Does Know?
Are these Jokers to the left
of us, Jokers to the right?
Can somebody hit the Bat Signal? Now?
Gentilly Woods?
Earth to Corps? Come in, Exquixotic Corps? Hellllooo?
Anyone at Home?

<--Just south of this highway, where the CSX railroad crosses the canal in a 2-track bridge, the first real New Orleans levee breach takes place, around 5 AM.

Water sloshing back up the canal overtops low flood walls, and spills through gates damaged by a previous train derailment onto the tracks. Temporary sandbags (if any - media accounts differ) wash away, and water begins to run quickly into Gentilly and East New Orleans, worsening the existing flood. Farther south, a flood wall begins to fail in multiple places. By the time the satellite pictures are taken a couple of days later, the water has receded, leaving a damaged mess where a functioning railroad bridge had been, and to the south a completely cleared out area which had been a neighborhood. At least three levee breaches are visible, though none as serious as what is about to happen elsewhere on this canal.

Katrina Timeline
~Special thanks to Sheila Grissett and Mark Schleifstein.
Jus'axin, how'bout that 17th Street Leak?
~Editilla cures listlessness~
Scarerists Watch List:
1) Corps of Engineers-Perpetual Motion Machine
2) ASCE--alias: American Society of Civil Engineers, Corps lobbyists, chief beneficiary of Corps largess.

3) Nameless Tim Ruppert.
--Corps employee,
ASCE Presidente 'Climber', passive-aggressive sociopath,
smarmy blog'stabber, story-framer,
Fat Man in'da Bathtub
, Schill, Corpopsicle,
minion of the Great Nothing.

4) Grey Ghost--Armed and Dangerous Vandalanty,
Avatar of the Great Nothing
We are watching you, Scarerists! You!
No Soup For You!

Corps cancels event on America's largest towboat~Due to high water in St. Louis, Mo., and bridge clearances on the river the M/V Mississippi will be unable to travel up the river in time for the open house.
~Editilla schwwwwwillas~
I know that readers may wonder (to put it nicely) about my visceral hatred for the Exquixotic Corps and their fuckmook minions like the ASCE and Nameless Tim Ruppert. I do not do this for fun. But this is the criminal gang who flooded my city, almost killed me and killed a few of my friends.
These are the same assholes who look us right in the eye while they drown the baby in the bathwater.
But then there is this stuff ya'jus can't make up!
Since they don't actually use USGS flow data, they don't even know the current levels of the very river they have ruined from their own failed flood control policies, and hence can't get their poor flabship towboat to a Public Relations Function upstream of the bridges in St Louis! And she is a behemoth!

Bwhahahaha... I do not make this stuff up!
I am angry that these creep murderers can get away with this shit while our levees are still Leaking, not "seeping", not "bubbling", LEAKING!
The goddamned hugemungous thing is too large to navigate the river during flooding! Hahaha!
This would be funny if it weren't so...ostentatious and actually too large for effective towing as well, as the channel is nowhere wide enough for the size tows that Thing is built to push.
Commercial shipping doesn't fuck around with vessels this size for obvious reasons of operating costs. Too big for just the couple of barges that the Corps uses, this Fat Lady is Bling'in Expeeeensive! But that's the Corps, eh? All they use it for is Public Relations. Looks reeeal impressive to ride around (where it can fit), and show up in the largest towboat in the nation, if not the world.
One can only wonder how much it cost to keep this worthless piece of tax-funding afloat? The Corps sure has its funding priorities square there, huh?
Not enough funding for adequate flood protection --yet enough to keep this Ho'float. What'say the next "Get To Know The Corps" meeting be held in Congress with the 8/29 Investigation?

Flood Stories~Thomas Dean
~We have been battling our own hubris and the Frankenstein monsters that we have created as a result. As Connie Mutel has so convincingly and elegantly explained in her recent book The Emerald Horizon: The History of Nature in Iowa, we have removed every natural flood mitigation mechanism that the native prairie marshaled to itself—deep perennial root systems, perpetual natural ground cover, and wetlands. As we divert water through tiling and storm sewer systems into our remaining streams, as we replace more and more ground with cement and as we build more and more complicated artificial flood control systems, the pent-up forces of water merely accumulate rather than dissipate, and eventually they devastate.
Thomas Dean
serves as president of the Iowa City Public Library board of trustees.

August~the mosquito coast

There's only one Katrina

Lets Act Like Nine Year Olds ~Beyond Katrina

Thank you, New Orleans Daily Photo

Homicide 37: Chapter 8
For Lance's parents, detectives and the young suspect, judgment day finally arrives
~Brendan McCarthy

Big Joe's Hunter~Gator that took boy's arm outmatched by experienced deputy

Report from New Orleans
~Place Economics

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~Audio Design Studio

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