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Corps Spends Pig for Purty Lips, We Pay for Public Relations Spin

{Caution! Strong Language!}
~Editilla Goz't'Hella~ Remember all these cute "public input meetings" the Corps expensively advertises?
ASCECORPS is spending Millions Mo'Dollars of Our Flood Protection Funding
to hire this Public Relations Firm to have lots of public meetings where the effected public can come Talk At The Corps.
This is the very type of firm you would have wanted to do the invitations for Hitler's Bat Mitsvah. These are the very people who have been hired to Spin'filtrate the Corps Message of Risk, keep us all distracted by pretty ads and flags while the Corps moves along with the same engineering methodology that Flooded New Orleans on 8/29 and de-swamped South Louisiana in the first place. These are the very people who have enable the Corps to get away with delaying our Flood Safety Studies.
Whenever the Corps has wanted to screw us in the ass,
these are the people who tell us how good it feels to be Punk'd.
This firm believes People want to feel like they have a stake in the work yad nauseum. Let'em Talk, Hell, talk is cheaper than bullets!
Yet the whole time, No matter what anyone says to the Corps of Engineers, ASCECORPS has had every intention of installing their own design of defective engineering so they can come back later and reinstall more defective designs so they can come back later and reinstall more defective designs so they can come back later and...have marketing groups run their meetings and risk message.

And just think, if OPP is successful in knocking us all dead here, then imagine the possibilities for making a killing marketing Risk to the rest of the country. Oh the Horror Cha'Ching!
That is the final judgment here, the actual Grapes of Wrath of this Public Relations "cause", to wit: by our deaths from the next catastrophic engineering failure, we will have proved this PR Company successful, as the Corps Reduces Risk, Builds Strong.

From the puissant lips
of the
OPP provides media support for print, broadcast and Internet media on local, national and international levels including outlets such as the Times-Picayune, WWL-TV CBS New Orleans, Associated Press, USA Today, The Weather Channel, The Today Show, French TV Channel 5, and Engineering News Record on issues such as Hurricane Gustav, “paper in the floodwalls” and other investigative responses, seepage, peer review and the state of the hurricane and storm damage risk reduction system. As part of this cause, OPP fosters strategic relationships with media outlets that result in more accurate and balanced stories.
OPP focuses on the enhancement of internal and external communications between the various Corps districts, stakeholders (??), media and the general public (us?).
OPP has facilitated a myriad of interviews about the rebuilding of hurricane system levees and interim risk reduction structures. Our team members have facilitated in-depth interviews with producers and hosts of
The History Channel and MTV. (Oh Snap'whee!)
OPP's media support has been a fundamental part of the transition from typically negative news coverage to more neutral and positive news coverage. (Spin'Filtration)
We call this style of Marketing: Pile-Driving with a Shotgun.
Rest uneasy with the reality that We The People are Not the aforementioned "Stakeholders" in this paid infomercial narrative. No wonder we still cannot get valid answers from the Corps for what went wrong with the Corps Engineering on August 29th, '05!
Can't talk to'da Corps... gotta get'wit da'OPP! Yeah, you know me!
But, who are these lugubrious "Stakeholders"?
In who's invisible hand may we find their Hammer?
We already know into who's heart the next blow will go...driven.
Who stands to benefit from this re-branding of the Crucifixion of an entire American City? As we follow that money trail from atop this Ladder, Gentle'rillas may well wretch at the lengths and depths to which the Corps of Engineers has gone (and yet will go) to Keep Truth From Getting Plainly Told.
Still we will persevere no matter the stench...git'cha git'cha...
We started on these faux meetings PR back when they started advertising them around September. Now, when it gets down to nut cutting the actual steel and concrete, we realize that ASCECORPS was simply blowing smoke up our asses, stringing us along the whole time. Yes, we came to these meetings, we got bored with the same old story and came less and less. Fine with the Corps, as our fatigue of bullshit is exactly why they instituted these meet'n'greets. All year long, we get to hear about how the Corps is Reducing Risk, like the medicated whisper of a drug commercial --when the important stuff, the engineering, especially "independent" engineering analysis, always gets put off for "Further Study" HA! Did you say OPP?
~Editilla Notellas~ Everything composted above: aforementioned, linked, referred to, parodied, smeared, slabbed, slammed, copied, pasted and condemned whatnot'whateva rests solidly and legally on the subject's public availability as News Evidence of where our Tax Dollars are going, and as such is inviolate of copyrights. More to point, we paid for this ass'wipe.
We have paid OPP 2 Million Dollars to date for this ass'wipe.
And, lest anyone sense even a drop of blood profit on this blog...
show me a reason and I'll walk the fire.
~And we would Additilla~ the activities decried above are performed by Other People Professionals, and We Do Not recommend anyone try this at home, or say, in their local media. Such PRofiteering, though in the same slit vein, should Not to be confused with the recent surge of spin'filtered bullshit mis- direction from local astro'turf bloggers and Corps engineers who fuck red herrings for sport, or the heartbreaking betrayal of our Flood Safety from our darling local so'called "alt" news media: Gambit <--et tu'dat-- stabbed us in the back before the blood had even dried on the firing of herollero hurricane expert Dr. Ivor van Heerden by LSU, the spay- neutering of the the Hurricane Center and its Director's Resignation in Protest. Bad Gambit! No Soup For You!
And No Soup For Your Advertisers Either!
And if you don't come clean on this frat'trash'talkin spin'flit then we will be forced to ask your advertisers the next logical question: Got Any Soup For Gambit?

Corps Contracts Bad PR Flu on outfall canals~TP Editorial~ The corps should be working to put the best solution in place. But Option 1 is not the best by anyone's estimation, including that of the corps, and it has drawn vocal opposition from state and local agencies and governing bodies. Option 1 would leave deficient flood walls in place-- something that a regional levee official described as "criminal." The fear is that the existing canals and floodwalls won't be able to hold water from a 100-year rainfall if one occurs during a storm, and that's a reasonable concern.

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~Only slabbed could out-tilla Editilla... hahahahaha...
Conflict of interest is a subject we know well in Mississippi. Although often overlooked, our State’s population is so small that without conflicting interest, we would have no interest at all. Louisiana is relatively larger; but, with the largely homegrown population of both states, relatively takes on its literal meaning...
--most of us are kin to the rest of us.

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by John Biguenet

~May 6 – 31
~John Biguenet explores what happens when the storm waters recede.
Mattie, an upwardly mobile African-American landlord, rents the other half of her shotgun double to the white carpenter Beau and his teenage son who lost their home to the flood waters. Dexter, Mattie’s unemployed machinist father, has moved in with her and is none too happy that she’s renting to Beau. In this pressure-cooker of a house divided, these wounded people must choose between living in the dark past or looking to a brighter future.

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