Sunday, August 16, 2009


Why Obama Should Be in NOLA on Katrina Anniversary

~"See, the trouble with not looking back is that we don't remember what we ought to remember.

Katrina is something to remember. Always.

The federal flood, they call it on the NOLA blogs.
The federal flood because the Army Corps of Engineers cut corners and didn't make the levees right.

The federal flood because heckuva job Brownie and Bush's happy cronies didn't give a shit about the folks suffering but only cared about going to the cash register to hear the "ca-ching" that meant their usual profit off of human suffering.
Blackwater profited. Halliburton profited.
A whole lot of Republicans profited."

~Special thanks for Victim Photographs~Cryptome

~Special Thanks~ NADMAT

Remembering Camille:
40 years later ~Kat Bergeron

Cost-cutting Morganza project draws concerns~Nikki Buskey
~Environmentalists and others say they are concerned that cost cutting may lead local officials to remove some of the structures within Terrebonne’s hurricane-protection system that aim to protect wetlands and wildlife.

Restoration of bayou near Lower 9th Ward aims to fix MR-GO damage~Ramon Antonio Vargas

Coastal transportation part three – mass transit, toll trolls and other stuff ~LaCoastPost

Demolition by chainsaw: Babin/Africa Plantation
~Squandered Heritage

Trees make a big comeback
~Donna Melton

Woman saves retriever from near-drowning in Bayou St. John
~Sheila Stroup

Landrieu pushes to lift Gulf drilling ban~Jen DeGregorio

Still kissing ass – Sun Herald reports on the post-Senate life of Trent Lott as father, grandfather and lobbyist ~slabbed
~Editilla Notellas~ We sorta changed the title of this lede to reflect more our view of this flaccid dick who resigned his elected office to assume da'position on da'carpet in Da'Lobby. Call it... The Story of Lott: Sucking ACE and Kissing Cousins.

All pay, no work~Mike Hasten
~Stolen laptop computers, about $1 million in paychecks issued to people who left their jobs months before, and retention incentives paid to people no longer on the job are some of the problems cited in a state financial audit of Louisiana’s Recovery School District. Except for the missing computers, which district officials have written off, the problems cited in the audit have been solved, according to Paul Vallas, superintendent of the state-run district for low-performing schools.

“(If You Want Health Care) Go to War or Get a Job!” Shouted at Local College Student During Rodney Alexander Town Hall Meeting ~CenLamar

"What I ought to do is run for governor of the great state of Louisiana against Bobby Jindal."

~H/T~Louisiana Now

While we're on Anniversaries...
~H/T~Le Show

Harry Shearer on the unplanned "Unwigged" DVD, the "shocking" cease-and-desist letter from Lego and his musical influences
~Aaron Barnhart

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