Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mercredi~ Extra!

Diaperman David Vitter So Excited About Wingnuts Yelling At Him At Town Halls, He Pooped His Diaper! ~Wonkette
~Disgusting wingnut diaper-fetishist hooker-user David Vitter says he is super excited about wingnuts yelling at him, at one of these Town Hall KKK Rallies. He’s even bringing extra diapers, because he’s already planning on jacking off and pooping in a series of diapers, while old people who really need diapers yell about how they will officially renounce Medicare and die,
like patriots, at the Superdome.


Ima Wizer said...

ooooooooooooooH! You devil you! Gotta love it!

word verification: "shnedgin" - might be something in the diaper?

Editilla said...

I'm tollin'ya, Mizer Wizer! Ya'jus can't make this stuff up any more! Our country is THAT Strange!