Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BP contractor that employs Ivor van Heerden is denied permit by Corps of Engineers~An emergency permit application from BP asking to push oil-stained sand back into the surf in a technique called “surf washing” was withdrawn Tuesday, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
The permit application was sent to the corps July 19 and asked for immediate approval to move forward with the surf-washing work on Grand Terre II barrier island — also known as East Grand Terre. Polaris Applied Sciences Inc., (Editilla notellas: employer of Ivor van Heerden) as a shoreline response technical advisor for BP, said they wanted to do the work last week.
~Editilla Dynomitas~ What an interesting DyNoMatic we have here.
The Corps denies a permit to the company that employs their nemesis Ivor van Heerden -who himself denied (on NPR) the impact of the oil on Grand Terre Island while working for BP- who themselves have denied that oil and water don't mix.
Do we live on the banks of the Mississippi or De'Nile?
Despite the double-think lockjaw implications of this Corporate Orgarchy, are we seeing more of the stripe down Van Heerden's back when he came out in June to understate the impacts of the oil.
Was he, wittingly or not, laying the PR ground for this permit application? He then followed that "pilot-show" a few weeks later with a full-blown BP Advomercial. Have we now found his Yellow Brick Road Home?
On June 6th I did call Polaris Applied Sciences, with whom Van Heerden is employed and who is under contract with BP. I was told they are free to speak to the Press. They will however get back to me on how Van Heerden came to make these statements to the nation from Grand Terre Island: "The damage from the oil coming ashore is overstated", "The oil has impacted only tens of miles" ~NPR, June 5th, 2010.~~15 minutes after I called and spoke to Gary Mauseth one of Van Heerden's bosses at Polaris, I get a call from Coast Guard Unified Command Public Affairs, a 3rd Class Petty Officer named Jonathan Lowery. He wanted to know what questions I had for Polaris Applied Sciences (so he could provide me with the answers)

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~We know it's silly to double-link a single blog but want to make sure y'all catch this one too: Mr Beholden To None ~Thanks Judy B

~“BP has done a lot of things very well, all things considered. Data isn’t one of them.” ~Kenneth Feinburg, BP Claims Master
~Editilla has a brainwreck~ Are we hearing this preternational corporation Double-think, cognitively dissonant side'mouf ass'talk???? There are so many holes in this Cheese that you couldn't fill the Albert Hall. "Data isn't one of them?" My ass? Is this Yankee Punk'mouth Carpetbagger kidding?

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Horatio Algeranon said...

An emergency permit application from BP asking to push oil-stained sand back into the surf in a technique called “surf washing” was withdrawn Tuesday, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers."

Isn't that pretty much BP's "master plan" in a nutshell?

Do everything possible to keep the oil off the beaches BUT if the oil does happen to come ashore, put it back in the water -- where it belongs! (and where you can hide it with a little help from your good friend Corexit/Hides-it)

What's in a name? That which BP calls "Surf washing"
By any other name ["Beach polishing"] would smell as foul."

Anonymous said...

That article in the advocate was edited after it was published to refer to Ivor by his title rather than his name. The printed version the same. Assuming your quote of it comes from a cached version of the story, why would they do that? With it was inaccurate or they are going out of their way not to mention his name.

Editilla said...

Thanks Ho.
Brian, I never saw Van Heerden's name in the article which I accessed online. I added that tidbit because he was not mentioned in the article. I think it is news worth at least Irony considering the Corps denied the permit. I'm sure that had nothing to do with Polaris employing Van Heerden, their nemesis.

So I haven't seen the Edit that you are referencing. That would be strange indeed.
Thanks youz.

New Orleans Ladder said...

Brian, sorry for the confusion. I will notella that addition in the post.

Thanks again.