Friday, February 29, 2008


The South Coast Clay All Stars announces the First Annual Ceramic Arts Conference in New Orleans: A weekend of clay across the Crescent City.
Outdoor Opening:
Dauphin Street and Jordan in the Holy Cross,
downstream-side of the Industrial Canal
~Clay, Kilns, Demonstrations, Exhibitions, Vendors,
Neighborhood Celebration all'dat where'yat! Music in the evening will be provided by the Pinettes Brass Band, the only all-woman brass band in New Orleans, and there will be poetry provided by Chuck Perkins.
Citywide Gallery Exhibitions

National Research Council: Flood Risk Study Taking Too Long

Draft Study on Hurricane Risks to New Orleans Needs Improvement~National Academy of Engineering
Full reports here.

Panel: Study of risk to N.O. is overdue

Engineer says corps delaying drainage work~Consulting engineer Joseph Savoie told the Assumption Parish Police Jury on Wednesday that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has held up a Bayou L’Ourse drainage project for nearly five years.

Editor reqeusts that everyone lift the above ledes on the Exquixotic Corps of Engineers and post/paste them onto your own blogs or otherwise spread them around, even if only in a small link or somet' the aggregated bee thingies will sniff them up on the Web and spread them out even fruther like pollen...ya'know?

For example to counter-aggregate the Corps own PR Spread, starting in the Times Picyune today, regarding levee work in Jeff and St Charles Parrishes. In the face of two major National Reports on Corps Delinquencies yesterday the Picayune offers, what...a quick little spot about a briefing on levee design with no questions asked, replete with a final link to the Corps own website for further propaganda, errrra, information?
Yer eva'so humble editor increasingly fears that Evil Overlords have snuck into the Picayune offices at night and body-snatched their editors to replace them with unfunny android replicants they way they obviously did Rosie, Howard Dean and Brit'nanay.

UN Experts Criticize New Orleans Public Housing Plan
A pile of ruble is shown in front of one of the yet to be demolished buildings at the St. Bernard Public Housing complex in New Orleans, Thursday, Feb. 28, 2008. A United Nations expert said thousands of black families would continue to suffer displacement if the U.S. government and its local counterparts do not halt the demolition of public housing units. (AP Photo/Bill Haber)

A Map of Every City Demolition for Every Zip Code In Orleans Parish Thanks to EditGrid and P.K. Chan~Think New Orleans

Remember Chanell, Remember Them All~Toulouse Street

Gentilly showing signs of rebirth

Jindal & Landrieu push for New Orleans Presidential debate

New Orleans - Part II
~VideoVoice Collective

Purple! Green! Gold! (and more) This year at the Philadelphia Flower Show: What it means to bloom like New Orleans.

Blooming in a Big Easy Way New Orleans gets more than a shy nod at Philadelphia Flower Showof The Morning Call

Altar Eating

Those in the know will soon start looking in the classified section for discreet, only-in-New Orleans ads for St. Joseph’s altars, like the one pictured. These decorative, devotional feast displays are traditionally constructed in the homes of the area’s faithful Italian-American Roman Catholics, who frequently invite the public to sample from them.

Pirates for the Preservation of New Orleans Music Benefit in Austin~featuring the Jolly Garogers


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