Thursday, July 10, 2008


Jim Brown column critique hijacked by oil/katrina rant
~Your Right Hand Thief

Curiouser and curiouser…better read it first: Renfroe v Rigsby - the latest round ~slabbed

Sitting On My Porch Part Eleven: Questions~Cliff's Crib
~H/T'nT-Toulouse Street

New Public Housing Plan, also- Corps Challenged on 17th Street Canal Property Compensations
~Gulf South Free Press

Suit challenges government's immunity on levee, flood control projects in a new way

Levees may worsen flooding problems~Staff from the regional Army Corps wasn't able to comment on the Corps' levee policy, and headquarters staff in Washington D.C. was not available for comment.

Sandbags make for poor flood-control policy

Corps says cities must find own flood failings

Makers: Don't blame us for toxic trailers


Here comes the story of the hurricane~Grist~If we're already in energy crisis, what happens when a major Gulf storm hits?

A Season of Night: New Orleans Life After Katrina

Voices of Faith:
New Orleans diary

Mark Edington,
St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church

~My friends and I worked on two houses. In the first, our task was to tear out all the walls and ceilings and prepare the house for an extensive renovation.
The African-American family who owned the house had held this home for three generations, and the fact that most folks in our part of the world would have regarded this property as a “tear-down” couldn’t have been farther from their minds — or hearts.
Whether or not it made sense to us,
that was where they were going to stay,
and that house was what they were going to rebuild.

New Orleans rebuilding picks up pace, study finds

Cedar Rapids expects delay in buyout information

Cedar Rapids flood costs tops $1 billion

Guns, dog houses, toys found as flood waters retreat

'Big Relief From the Big Easy' Headed to Cedar Rapids Hospital
~Nicknamed, "Big Relief from the Big Easy," the operation was organized by the Emergency Nurses Association in the New Orleans area. Emergency nurses from five different hospitals in the area will collect diapers, toiletries, food, linens, pet care items and money this week for delivery to 134 St. Luke's Hospital employees displaced from their homes by the flood in Cedar Rapids on June 11-13.

Tom McDermott & Connie Jones Creole Nocturne
~Letters from New Orleans, Mel Minter

HBO plans TV drama about N.O. musicians

New Jazz Photo Exhibit Uses Jazz Friendship of Eliison, Murray and Bearden as Inspiration~all about Jazz

9th Ward - Weather The Storm

The Rebirth Brass Band to bring NOLA to NYS Blues Fest

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