Sunday, December 21, 2008


'Hiccups' mean levees in Iowa won't be fixed by spring
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~Iowa homes and farm fields in a dozen areas will be protected by damaged levees next spring because U.S. Army Corps of Engineers repairs are running late.
The corps repeatedly predicted that all flood-damaged levees certified by the corps would be fixed by year's end.
Only three of 38 levees and other flood-protection projects requested by local authorities in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri are done, according to corps spokesman Ron Fournier.
A dozen Iowa projects are among those unfinished.
"There have been some hiccups," Fournier said.

Times Picayune brings out the "S" word: SNIPER
Be Afraid...beeee very afraid, especially if you've every been Snipe Hunting. Look out Snipes! Jarvis has got yo'numba and...
the Corps got you in their Sites!

Our View: Regional plan for recovery~The Advocate

Oysters are here to stay Haul expected to be at pre-Katrina levels~J. R. Welsh

Vitter (R-Pamp) to run again
~Gerald Shields

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