Monday, August 23, 2010 Artifacts Not Politics!
~letwits Back in NO, helping dedicate a plaque at 17th St. Canal.
One week til "The Big Uneasy" screens nationwide...the "why"of flood

~When: Monday, August 23 at 10:30a - 11a
Where: 6932 Bellaire Drive
(T-intersection of Bellaire and Stafford)

~Founder and Director Sandy Rosenthal unveiled today Louisiana's first ever State Historical Marker to state the Truth about what happened with The Flood 8.29.05 and commemorates what was lost in New Orleans to gross negligence and catastrophic civil engineering mistakes by the US Army Corps of Engineers in the design, building and maintenance of our Flood Protection System.
~Click pic to enlarge ~More pics here.


Storm Urgency~Ken Forman, Gambit
~On the Fifth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Harry Shearer's documentary tries to set the record Straight

New Orleans’s Levees Are Nearly Ready, but Mistrusted~John Schwartz

The proposed decertification of the Mississippi River Levee System might ... Finish off the Delta
~Becky Gillette, Dolan Media PR

~Editilla Goes Advomercenary~ Is this the next Corps PR Hack, this one for the Vicksburg District? The Corps has Ruled this District all the way to the headwaters of the Sunflower River, sooo why don't their levees rate with FEMA? Huh? I mean, we cut our teeth on the Corps Lower Sunflower River Chicanery, I can't believe their extensive all dominating levee/dredging work there doesn't rate with FEMA! Apparently this Public Relations firm agrees, but probably from a different angle --the stakeholder! Who it this PR firm's Stakeholder?
Doesn't look like it's the MS Tax Payer. More later.
We're still waiting to see who gets the next PR contract out of the Corps NO District, after Optimal Process Partners' $5 Million contract ends this September. They have proven themselves to be such Haintish Boids, we can't imagine their bungling another $5 Million they way they have this last contract: all those meaningless, ineffectual "public meetings", the slick website that still operates like a mid evil torture room, that ridiculous work on the comments sections... OPP were complete losers in PR terms. Absolute PR Losers. But they did waste our tax-paid time and served to distract the public attention away from the Corps foibles this past 3 years. So who's next? OPP Again? HA!

State authorities say fish kill in St. Bernard Parish waters likely caused by low oxygen levels~Bob Warren

WhoDat35 Kindra Arnesen spent Aug. 19 in bayous taking water samples; documenting oil that BP can't seem to find #NOLA

Cedric and Ike's greatist hits, Vol. 1
~American Zombie

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