Wednesday, September 1, 2010

POLICE STANDOFF AT UNO-- STUDENTS SEIZE MILNENBURG HALL~UNO students temporarily occupy a classroom building on day of planned protests over budget cuts.~The occupiers urge all supporters and interested parties to provide solidarity and support by going to Milnenburg Hall and participating in this morning's 10 AM walkout & rally at the UNO Quad!

Earl Update~Wunderblog
~WWLTV Tropical Depression 9 forms in Atlantic Ocean: See track: | See models:
~Traveler Evacuation Information Management System, North Carolina Dept of Transportation

Q & A with The Tea Party of Louisiana ~CenLamar

#9 Dream -or- Just Like Starting Over ~moosedenied

Radio show caller confirms New Orleans pumps probably won’t work in high water event
~letwits "The Big Uneasy" held over in NO at Canal Place, Prytania, and Chalmette Movies. 1-wk Oscar eligibility run coming in LA/NY...

The Ashley Morris Award And Taking A Break ~Cliff's Crib

~This one goes out to Pistolette from the Twitters Thingies...
We Be Lovin'da Dirty Coast. Ya'Heard?

Hey! It's Humpday! Have you become... ahem... sufficiently slabbed?

Lab Results Raise New Concerns Over Gulf Seafood~Laura Parker
~The lab's findings "again point to evidence that the 'all clear' is being sounded way too early," said Stuart Smith, attorney for both the fishermen's union and LEAN, which is suing BP on their behalf. "I do not believe a robust statistical sampling has occurred to prove that it's safe."~Hat Tweet~oilflorida


Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that I want Hurricane Earl to hit New York City and Flood their subway system
So I can sit on my high horse and say, "those foools should never have built a subway system under sea level" in a snooty brittish voice?

Editilla said...

Yeah, Brian, that's wrong.
You should do it in a South Bronx voice.

But hey leesten to me... these are strange days indeed, so be very careful what youz axe for k?
Some of us don'want to be standing next to youz when that karma falls outta da'sky like a down'right piano! Ahem!

Editilla said...

For example:
"Hey Youz Foo'alz! Ya'shutta neva built a subway under d'sea levels..."
or some'ting like'dat...

Sop811 said...

And just think guys, Robert Hartwig, the III and all the fuckers who cratered our financial system are in the City that never sleeps.

We can always go to confession after. :-)


Editilla said...

Father forgive me for I have saved you a buttload of Hellwork!

Anonymous said...

LMAO. I'm gonna need a few hail mary's after work.