Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gulf Residents Roar With Events Across The Country Today
~Project Gulf Impact

~Near Seattle? TODAY at 3 pm: Project Gulf Impact is “holding an interactive public forum and exhibit at Seattle U.”~Florida Oil Spill Law

Better oyster output sought with new technique ~Ted Griggs~Advocate
~Also~Well reported yesterday by Nikki Buskey at the Daily Comet.

NRDC interviews Harry Shearer

Corps endorses flood-protection plan for Cedar Rapids

Boil-water order issued for New Orleans' east bank

No end in sight for computer crisis affecting real estate sales in Orleans ~WWL~Also~Slightly different take, yet with substantially less informed reportage from Bruce Eggler at the Times-Picayune.

Gusman to get 1,438 beds in exchange for major closures; community input Monday~Matt Davis, The Lens

BREAKING NEWS – Neilson NOT GUILTY on two counts, mistrial on three! ~slabbed

Alexandria area is relatively inexpensive place to live, report shows
~Jeff Matthews, Town Talk

New Orleans Police 'Messy Mya' Shooting

Words and Music 2010 from the Faulkner Society!

Preservation Hall Expands West from New Orleans to Valencia
~San Fransisco Chronicle


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