Friday, April 15, 2011

Emails expose BP's attempts to control research into impact of Gulf oil spill
~Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show BP officials discussing how to influence the work of scientists
~Editilla Archivellas~Ivor van Heerden, the Compromised Cassandra of the Gulf~Ben Sandmel, Politics Daily
~Many harsh critics of BP – including Leonard Bahr, a former Louisiana State University marine sciences faculty member and coastal policy adviser – vouch for Van Heerden without reservation, praising him as "well-respected."
But other observers disagree, especially those with more of a fringe perspective
. Last month the blogspot New Orleans Ladder commented "now that it appears that Ivor van Heerden is into the Jury-Tainting Business with BP, I sincerely hope that our readership may [serve on his jury] in his own case against LSU." (:?Fringe?Us?:)
~Editilla Fringellates~ A few more of my past "Fringe Perspectives":
~"We have a toybox in Hell where we keep those words for just this sort of liaises fairer scientry."
But! But! What Would Ivor Say? WWIS????"
~"OVERSTATED"??? I still can't get my mind around that.
Ivor van Heerden...
I just can't do the et tu Judas thing.
But my sense of abject betrayal by someone I threw it all for is Nothing compared to the pain our coast will feel as a result of this bull shit. That is what really bothers me. The babies who will be born into this hell with defects, the grain belt stained by the blood of this black swan, our people with their 100 year stares. The Pelican, blinded by the gobs of oil that Van Heerden has said is only on "tens of miles" of coastline. The Devil is actually honest in the details.
This is another Contract all together."
What's under Elmer's Island?
~John Sepulvado
~"It turns out that while Elmer's Island belongs to Louisiana, for all intents and purposes it's managed by BP."
~Hat Tweet @The_Gambit

Sen. Landrieu and Sen. Vitter want BP fines to help Gulf Coast

Coast Guard says it's still battling beach, marsh oil

Another BP shareholder meeting, another load of Dudley
~Disenfranchised Citizen

In a changing New Orleans, the scales of justice worked for Raymond Robair ~Jarvis DeBerry

SUNO-UNO merger bill would create University of Louisiana at New Orleans

Judge orders Blaine Kern Sr. to turn over control of float-building company to his son

David Simon himself wades into comment section to defend his honor

The first ever Slabbed readers choice

La. congressmen examining impact of revised districts

Vitter, others balk at budget

Noise, disruptions expected as permanent pump construction begins

~Hat Tweet @~The best way to preserve New Orleans culture is to support the people who make the culture. ~ Kalamu ya Salaam

What is the 'AVANT GARDEN'? Founder Erik Kiesewetter explains a 'curated shopping experience'

Champagne Sunday ~Blackened Out

What Makes a Restaurant Good?
~He Said/She said NOLA

Smoke Dogg (a tribute to Nate Dogg) at Tipitina's~Humid Beings

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