Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flooding estimates reduced, Corps issues new 'updated' flood maps
~New flood maps show flooding in the Atchafalaya River Basin from the swollen Mississippi River will be less than previously expected, but there’s still a lot of water on the way as evacuations and countermeasures, including levee building, and barge sinking, continued Monday.~Click here for new flood maps from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers website
~15 bays are currently open at the Morganza Spillway

Morganza Flood: Part 3~Bayou Woman

Atachafalaya after Morganza Opening: Where the water goes; when does it get there~Quinta Scott

MS River flood evacuees move into enclave built for Hurricane Katrina

Corps' advance flood maps spur confusion about flood risks.
Is operation mere Corps PR?

~Work continues to protect Gibson area homes, schools
~Right: View of the Bonnet Carrre spillway fully open to the lake, 2011 (enlarge)
~Very Special Thanks to Thomas Pickral for photo
@pickral~Hat Tweet @JuliaPretus

Coast Guard closes MS River at Natchez

Big Oil...they never sleep
~American Zombie

~Also~HB 563, 564...who's who?

Ronal you ignorant slut ~Slabbed

Corruption as an offensive strategy?
~Lunanola, NOLAFemmes

New Orleans picked #1 City for Information Jobs In The U.S.
~Joel Kotkin, Forbes

~Big Hat Tweet @ @

~Retweet @ Drew Brees! Only $2 raffle tix for once in a lifetime opportunity to train w/ Saints Wed May 25. Will choose 4 winners by Friday

For Louisiana Seafood...
Europe Is the New World

~Possibly Editilla's favorite shirt from the Dirty Coast!

How To Wheatpaste ~Nola Anarcha

Alex Woodward on the burgeoning St. Claude arts district, which is bringing theaters, nightspots and galleries ... but few essential services ~Gambit

Yay! NOLA Brewing has a new blog!

This is Beautiful, what is this, Velvet? ~Blackened Out

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