Thursday, May 26, 2011 and Council Vice President Fielkow to announce status of breach sites' National Register of Historic Places today
~WHERE: Steps of City Hall,
1300 Perdido Street, New Orleans

WHEN: Today at 4pm

~a short press conference to announce several updates regarding’s nomination of two major levee breach sites - the 17th Street Canal and the Industrial Canal (east side north) – to the prestigious National Register of Historic Places. Last week, before a crowd of over 100 people, unveiled a Louisiana State Historic Plaque near ground zero of the London Avenue Canal breach site in the Gentilly.

‘The Big Uneasy’, review
~Amy R. Handler, Yank Forum

~Though some critics have indicated that Shearer’s film is too academic in its use of talking heads and a bit too passive in certain areas that deserve aggression, “The Big Uneasy” is a far-reaching documentary of supreme historical value, asking important questions about federal and other decisionmakers. Furthermore, Shearer’s choice to remain the quiet but steady representative everyman makes “The Big Uneasy” all the more powerful. It also drives home some very disturbing and provocative issues that must be addressed so similar events never happen again.
~Editilla Hell'yellas~ Well? What? Some of our best friends are Yankees!

Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday

Corps of Engineers Talks Dutch Uncle ~NOLA DEFENDER

Corps considers plan to replace blown section of Birds Point levee with gates
~Editilla Ah'wellas~ NEW BIG GATES! OH BOY! Natural disaster now seems to be a very convenient truth, as regards Man-made disasters and Corps of Engineers ability to PR their way out of the inconvenient truths laid bare by them. Do they actually build to fail? It does seem that with every growing flooding problem the Corps gets another erection and a brand new pair of shoes.
When will We The People become the ones to ask of the Corps: "Hey, C-Man! Wanna bet I can tell you where you got dem shoes," instead of it always being the other way around?

Reshaping the Mississippi for a warmer future

River crest rolls out to sea but danger remains ~WWL

Morganza study will finish on time

~Satellite photos pinpoint devastation of Joplin~The image on the left shows where the tornado ripped through Joplin and left the six-block scar across the city - and on the right was the Missouri city as it was before the tragedy

Tornado Dog Crawls Home On Broken Legs Almost 3 Weeks After Deadly Alabama Storm (VIDEO)
~Hat Tweet @humidhaney

Registration Information: June 10 Coastal Wetlands Forum
~Watershed NOLA

Defendants in oil spill litigation want claims for economic damage to be dismissed

Elmer's Island to reopen for first time since BP Oil Spill

~Get Down! Get Back Up Again! ~Defend New Orleans

Silence is Violence calls on Mayor Landrieu to fire NOPD chief Ronal Serpas~Also~Shining a light: One month’s NOPD disciplinary proceedings

Sheriff draws attention to unspent money for city building projects in fund he controls~Matt Davis, The Lens

~Hat Tweet @ New Orleans Levee~Mark St. Pierre's "Wait, bribing public officials is ILLEGAL?" defense flops with jurors, who also convict him of "Being a Dumbass"

DHH Suspends License of New Orleans Abortion Clinic ~Hat Tweet @The_Gambit

~Hat Tweet @~I'm at Audubon Charter School for a meeting about lead in soil at their temporary campus. Packed room. Live coverage:

Lets welcome Toyota USA to Slabbed as we examine the budding 2006 Highlander Hybrid Scandal: Unsafe at any speed.

Point 8 NOLA discussion forum on Historic Renovations in Today's Economy - Fair or Fairytale?
~Humid Beings

Iron Rail to reopen in French Quarter ~Alex Woodward, Gambit

~Special thanks to
Humid Beings!
~Editilla Crowtellas~ MY NEW OLD HOUSE IN IN THIS VIDEO! AW'DAT! @1:20 Please watch at full screen. This is a very beautiful piece of work.

~Hat Tweet @~Check it out y'all!
T : We showed you to shuck ''s how you grill 'em:

Short Order Reviews~Blackened Out

More benefits for Chef Nathanial Zimet

New Orleans Wine and Food Experience Tasting/Royal Street Stroll

Zydeco Night with Brian Jack tonight @Rock'N'Bowl 8:30pm!

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