Friday, June 3, 2011

The Big Uneasy in Baton Rouge tomorrow night for 5 Bucks!
~Join Filmmaker Harry Shearer for this special screening.
~Also~A Letter From New Orleans: Year 6 of a 5-Year Lifespan

Happy Hurricane Season (again)
~Library Chronicles

Corps tests world's largest drainage pump station ~WVUE
~Construction workers watch pump test at giant West Closure Complex ~Click pic to enlarge

Debris Part 5: Debris throughout West Bank levees~Fix the Pumps

Now Way, you say? Some blame Corps for flood threat in South Dakota

Corps of Engineers' New Risk Reduction Ethos: RUUUUUUNNN!

New USGS land loss map misses the forest for the blades of marsh grass ~Len Bahr, LaCoastPoast~“This is not just a story about land loss, but it’s also about land gain,” said Phil Turnipseed, director of the USGS National Wetlands Research Center in Lafayette.

Sediment Plume in Gulf of Mexico
- Big Dead Zone Ahead? ~SkyTruth

~NASA/MODIS satellite image taken June 2, 2011, showing sediment plume from Atchafalaya River filling coastal bays and nearshore areas along the Louisiana coast, west of the Mississippi Delta. Click pic to enlarge.

Time is here to renew fishing license

Scientists confirm Gulf residents' claims about oil dispersant dangers
~Sue Sturgis, Facing South

US says it will inspect Repsol Cuba offshore rig

MS Republican Gov. Babar now angles for BP fine money on Capital Hill
~Editilla gotta axeth God: What Hath Thous Wrought, Big Man? I mean, after Babar did BP-paid-for commercials about how little their oil crime impacted MS, after spoutulating Repugnican Big Biz Assholery to protect BP... what da trump does Babar have to complain about? What can he possibly expect in return for his own jail-house punkery? Well, what every girlfriend gets on cellblock #9: Mo' Lessons On Jail Etiquette!
~Also~Babar Rejects House GOP’s Disaster Relief Position
~In a rebuke to House GOP leaders, Mississippi Governor Babar told reporters on Friday that Congress should authorize disaster relief funds even if they are not offset with spending cuts.

IG’s report on arrests for petty crime slams city’s arrangement with sheriff
~Matt Davis, The Lens/WVUE

Presenting the NOPD's new $350,000 Drunkmobile BAT-mo-bile ~Gambit

Bills to roll back N.O. education changes defeated in Legislature

UNITY combats homeless problem

The Green Project Hosts Week of Free Building Supplies for New Orleans Community~Humid Beings

NO Fleas Market

New Orleans Most Interesting Market
~cheekycherry504, NOLAFemmes

Christy Lorio: Did you buy a bike yet?
~Uptown Messenger

~Hat Tweet @ the Pun~ I'm completely taken with these Images by Matthew D. White

The 610 Stompers invite you to their second annual pub crawl

New Orleans Oyster Festival celebrates the Louisiana bivalve~Todd Price
~Also~NOLA Brewing plans to sell cans by the fall

Video: The Man Who Ate New Orleans ~Defend New Orleans

Better Looking Beakfast: Refuel Cafe
~He Said/She Said NOLA

June at Rock'N'Bowl!

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