Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1 Mo Day! WHODAT SAY...

~Hat Tweet~~Boz Again! H.J. Bosworth Jr is the featured speaker in this Fox 8 TV news story about Corps' new flood protection.

Media ethics are not negotiable
~James Gill
~Garland Robinette did not fall from grace just because he has achieved geezer status, however. After using his radio show to advance the interests of Fred Heebe, Robinette relieved him of $250,000. That would have been just as disgusting when he was young.

A Matter of Tru$t~American Zombie

Yet another anniversary — and still no substitute for Charity Hospital
~Sandra Stokes, The Lens

Tropical Storm Nate

HARVEST: A Grand Opening Celebration
at the New Orleans Food Coop!

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