Monday, September 26, 2011

Whirlwind Tour of Failed Corps Levees ~Society of Professional Journalists
~On board the bus will be a senior representative of the Army Corps of Engineers’ New Orleans District office, which oversaw the construction; a representative of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East, which pairs with the state of Louisiana as local sponsor for the system; and founder Sandy Rosenthal, a corps critic who has helped ensure the new system was built correctly. We’ll drive through several of the areas worst flooded when levees and floodwalls failed in the aftermath of Katrina.

A Conversation With Sandy Rosenthal, Founder of ~The Atlantic

Pulitzer Worthy~Adtrastos, First Draft
~Editilla Whodatellas~ We shot this one with our phone! Behold my next jersey!
At one point Gleason looked directly at me. What a Saint!
~Hat Tweet ~RT @erster~PHOTO: unreal night, steve gleason gets SB44 ring, did amazing job making this happen
~Aaaand yes, 'dat was yer Ho Ho Homble Editilla on the Jumbo Tron shakin'it fo' da Team! So lucky to occasionally get to see Our Boys in Our Sacredome. It puts me back together again...back in line, makes me feel at home, as if we will one fine day live here for realzies after taking soooo long to return to this city we all love

LSU Earns Respect After Defeating 3rd Top 25 Team In Four Games ~lasportsdude
~Hat Tweet

Floating Islands? Really?
~Bayou Woman

Study is bad news for fish in spill

Feinberg ain’t no Santa Claus…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

BREAKING: Self described King of Torts gets his ass kicked in California ~Slabbed

WHOA! Ingalls awarded $700m contract

Cleaning sweep on both shores of Lake Pontchartrain collects almost 8 tons of trash

Louisiana incomes grow as nation struggles~WWL

Spanish Fly~Blackened Out

Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting:
Le Foret~He Said/She Said NOLA

RIP: Angel Miranda, founder of Lola’s ~Gambit ~Hat Tweet

French Quarter noise ordinance raising a ruckus~"You can't blow a trumpet less than 85 decibels. If this thing was in effect years ago, we wouldn't have had Louis Armstrong and Al Hirt, because you couldn't can't [sic] with that," says Bourbon Street bar owner Earl Bernhardt.

~Hat Tweet Boo Monday. Focus on Wednesday. Free music w/Bonerama & ice-cold Abita Beer at Lafayette Square Wednesday after work

Photos & Video: Young Men Olympian Jr. Benevolent Association, Inc., 127th Annual Parade

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