Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ivor van Heerden allowed to proceed to trial in case against LSU ~Sandy Rosenthal
~Ivor van Heerden, Feb 10, 2010
~"My own University (U.C. Berkeley) was also approached in an inappropriate manner during that same Winter of 2005-06, but such untoward pressures were simply rebuffed. That, in the end, probably goes right to the heart of what really separates a top-flight university with one of the top Colleges of Engineering in the nation (and the top-rated Department of Civil Engineering in the nation) from a university like LSU." ~Prof. Raymond B. Seed, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Atchafalaya River reroutes local impact


Cleared man freed from La. prison after serving 30 years

Katey Red at the New Orleans Public Library this afternoon ~Gambit

NOLA Craft Beer~Hullabaloo

2011 New Orleans Film Festival might set attendance record, official predicts

Goooooood morning, Gentle'rillas!
~Voodoo Fest Schedule!

Open Mic in New Orleans~WWOZ

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