Monday, October 24, 2011

Shoes! My trip home to heal a racially charged disaster ~Condoleezza Rice
~Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice loads supplies onto a truck in Bayou La Batre, Al. in September 2005, spies a Must-Have pair of pink shrimp boots she may have to buy.

Remembering Hurricane Katrina and Federal Flood Victims Obituary

Judge overturns some convictions in Danziger case~Louisiana Weekly

Alexander says Corps' efficacy amid flood threats has improved

Corps of Engineers dedicates $6.6 million to fix levee system at Cairo, Illinois

Louisiana bans using cash in sales of second-hand goods

Hey...I found a Brabalfish
~American Zombie

“Why Not Occupy Newsrooms?”: This one is sweet to me on several levels ~Slabbed

Looking for Democrats on the gridiron sidelines~Mark Moseley, The Lens

Rina quickly becomes hurricane off Honduras
~Hat Tweet Weather Underground~Hurricane is expected to be a category 3 by tonight, could bring torrential rain to Belize & Mexico:

Oil-related shipbuilding is picking up; law firms merge

Emblem stolen off new ‘Mercedes-Benz’ Superdome~The New Orleans Levee

Butterflies and Bayous~NOLAFemmes

Owen Courreges: The great (un-) American wings debate~Uptown Messenger

Bloody 66: Route 66 was a dangerous drive ~Quinta Scott

2012 Marks the Return of the American River Cruise Industry
~The American Queen is a classical steamboat with gingerbread and open decks. Her majestic dining hall is a replica of the grand dining room on the J.M. White Steamboat. Elegant table settings, crystal chandeliers, and private balconies will transport passengers back to the elegance of 1878, the Victorian era in American. Passengers will enjoy the cuisine of award-winning chef, restaurateur, and author, Regina Charboneau. Upon accepting the position last year, Regina set out to study the history of food along the rivers, and says her menus will tell the story of each region. Meals will feature local produce, sustainable seafood, and rare cheeses from local artisan cheese makers.

~This goes out to all my Night Tweeples

Voodoo Fest Top 5 – Defender of the Gulf, Aaron Viles

Inaugural New Orleans Horror Film Festival cranks up this weekend

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