Thursday, November 3, 2011

And all that you love will be carried away… ~moosedenied

Unregulated NOPD details feed corruption: A letter to the editor by I.G. Ed Quatrevaux

Be back Monday…the trouble with the (personal) economy~Disenfranchised Citizen

Making ‘Complete Streets’ a policy makes complete sense~Matthew Rufo

Public library to raid reserves, cut programs if city slashes budget supplement to zero ~Ariella Cohen, The Lens

Caddo leaders to take down Confederate flag ~Matt Davis

Shrimpers and turtle advocates engulfed in federal or state enforcement debate

Flooded Homeowners` Frustrations Erupt at Corps of Engineers Meeting

Cracks In The System: Louisville's Levees

Krewe of Nyx wins approval from New Orleans City Council

LadyFest New Orleans 2011 @ Louisiana Music Factory - Lynn Drury

1929: The po-boy was created in New Orleans

The Bywater neighborhood celebrates quirky vegetable this weekend with Mirliton Festival

Of Oysters and Omelets in Eminently Edible Abbeville~Ian McNulty

~Hat Tweet ~Interesting debate at home office today, what is the most polarizing restaurant in New Orleans


Sandy Rosenthal said...

Thank you Editilla for bring this story to our attention. Hours ago, I left a comment on the Flooded Homeowners story, but the TV station has not published my comment.

Editilla said...

You are welcome Mrs. Rosenthal!

I will be posting more and more of these instances of Corps Cavalier Intransigence with tax-funded flood protection in other states and municipalities across the country.

Eventually we shall add these to the Counties With Levees Interactive Map.