Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Levees.org founder speaks to American Whistleblowers Tour today

Corps of Engineers declares West Bank Levee Authority a "Minority Opinion"
~Hat Tweet @Editilla the Pun~ I'm sure Mrs Rosenthal will have a few choice nuggets. But if WBLA is "Minority Opinion", who're Stakeholders? cc
Debris Part 10~Fix the Pumps

WTF? Limey Bastard Oil Criminals BP wants to use the money from fund for victims who signed off on Not Suing them to pay the victims who are suing them?

Gulf oil spill criminal probe progressing, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says

Upon or Around: Communities of interest
~Library Chronicles

Aaron Broussard and Tom Wilkinson plead innocent to six new federal fraud charges

Louisiana businessman William Doré gave $1 million dollars to Rick Santorum’s super-PAC. Just don’t ask him why
~Tim Murphey, Mother Jones

Owen Courreges: Counting the jobs — all of them~Uptown Messenger
~Also~ Updates and Comments regarding Uptown business employee shoots at fleeing vehicle dragging worker trying to stop it, police say

A Guard’s Reign Gonna Fall ~moosedenied
~This just in: Carl Nicks is a total badass. And soon, very soon, he's no longer gonna be a New Orleans Saint. Punch me in the dick if you must, but I'm afraid that despite my best efforts to remain in denial for as long as possible, I've finally come to the point where I can no longer ignore the writing on the wall. So I figure now might be a good time to go ahead and get a head start on the inevitable rationalizing. There's gotta be a silver lining somewhere, right?

Vilma Eager to Work with Spagnuolo

Tulane University Spreads the Word to End the Word ~NOLAFemmes

File under: How Cooool! / Guinness Book of World Records: Human-Mattress Domino in N.O.

New Orleans, aurora borealis as seen from International Space Station

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