Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Northern Overexposure: JP Muckraker Slabbed Blog Slapped for Defamation Against Gay Canadian Couple

To fight violent crime, New Orleans may need to get the lead out~Mark Moseley

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Wow, you nailed this one like a coffin maker.

in order for your lead theory to take flight you need stats on New Orleans’ crime rate going back at least a couple of generations, considering how long this lead has been on the ground here. Parents and grand parents should exhibit a similar tendency towards violent crime. Yet, I would argue that is probably not the case, based solely on some of the older folks I’ve know in the city.

A chemical correlation could be more easily argued by citing the advent of Crack Cocaine in New Orleans circa 1980. Things really changed after that.

I would like to mention the PANO letter in all this.
Pre Federal Flood New Orleans had no police dept. Period. They were a well armed junta, exhibiting what NOPD Chief Slurpy likes to call “Sophisticated Gang Behavior”. They were at best feral lawmen.
Given such a culture, I’m surprised most New Orleanians could even recognize a real police dept.
I mean really. Those bitches struck on Mardi Gras 1979!
Anyway, this letter from the rank and file has me, well, rankled. I am NOT used to feeling sympathy for the NOPD. But, alas, there it is in black and blue. And their (PANO) response today to Chief Slurpy’s Wonk Parade response to their letter struck me between the eyes, to wit: there just ain’t enough goddamn officers. Slurpy has a fetish for statistics –and he don’t care where he finds them! Statistics solve crimes! Oh, and errah, crime cameras!

Don’t git me started…

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