Tuesday, February 14, 2012

President's Fiscal 2013 Budget for US Army Corps of Engineers' Civil Works
~Also~President Barack Obama's budget proposal is $3.8 trillion

Canadian Judge Forces American Blog Exposing Louisiana Corruption To Go Dark
~Opinionated Catholic

Slabbed blog is guest blogging here
~Editilla Brotellas~ Slabbed was pretty much the 1st blog to make friends with Editilla and Your New Orleans Ladder. Since then we have collaborated on many things in the blog-o-reamery, most of which I can't tell you about --or I'd hafta kill'ya. But I'm not really a blogger, not standing next to real bloggers like this.
Please pay attention to this miscarriage of justice, where a Canadian court can make an erroneous ruling against Slabbed, and they lose their Free Speech rights right here in the US of A, the fucking birthplace of public free speach.

Saints DE Will Smith - worth it? ~ WWL

It appears that police misbehavior isn't isolated to New Orleans: Jarvis DeBerry

Wednesday crime meeting stacked with public health leaders

LTC still waiting for city payment for Nagin email recovery

Chris Rose: Nagin

Committee Keeps Council Utility Advisors

Transport for NOLA Seeks an All-Star Intern Team

Hope for BP victims~American Zombie

The Water Institute of the Gulf formed to coordinate research on restoring LA coast

We Don't Need a Hallmark Card or a Whitman's Sampler ~GRN

Coastal Master Plan draft stirs up sediment, controversy

LaCoastPost February Scuttlebutt

World Bank Frets Over Urban Flooding in Asia

New Orleans named one of best cities for dating ... really? ~NolaVie

Not your typical whiskey fight

The Art of Joe Bostick ~Hat Tweet

What’s Cooking: King Cake Cupcakes
~Just Off The Red Streetcar Line

Red Beans parade members coat Volkswagen with beans for Mardi Gras

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