Monday, March 12, 2012

Coming Back Richer ~moosedenied
~This just in: Drew Brees doesn't owe you jack shit.
It's we who are indebted to him.
And don't even start with the whole "Drew owes the Saints because they took the risk and signed him when everybody else in the league was pretty much convinced he was done" bullshit. That debt, to whatever extent it ever existed in the first place, has been repaid tenfold.
As often, and as gleefully, as we fans throw around quips like "Cut that chump!" you really expect any player to sacrifice a thin dime for the sake of your happiness? Really? You really think Drew isn't well aware of the fact that it's only a matter of time until we wake up one morning and decide he's no longer good enough for us, and we don't want him anymore?

New Orleans Saints guard Carl Nicks says he hopes to stay but doesn't expect it
~Mike Triplett

New Orleans to see influx of federal officers to fight crime surge

An evolving movement: New Orleans student takes on creationism
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

3 Ways to Help NOLA Defender in the Wake of Last Week's Burglary on Burgundy

Coastal Scientists Lead Expedition to Observe Historic Development of a New Distributary Pass on the Mississippi River

Unprecedented Flood for Some Areas

~Unprecedented flooding occured over portions of Acadia, St Landry, Lafeyette and St Martin Parishes today thanks to a nearly stationary thunderstorm complex that developed from a batch of severe storms that pelted portions of Acadiana Sunday.

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