Sunday, April 29, 2012

Steve Spagnuolo set to begin his reshaping of the Saints' defense ~Mike Triplett

Saving Louisiana's coast is vital for jobs and safety: An editorial

Tab Benoit, Dr. John, others fight to save coast

Physical and Program Options for the Inland Migration of Louisiana’s Coastal Wetlands in Response to Relative Sea Level Rise

Entrenched ideas targeted at Vermont conference to consider lessons of Hurricane Irene~When a river is dredged deeper and confined within walls, it gains more power. During a flood, that increases the river’s power to bulldoze riverbanks, rip out trees and carry a much greater load of rock and toppled trees downstream to jam against bridges and culverts. River scientists have learned that the best way to defuse that destruction is to give the river room to meander across the landscape and to pour out into its floodplain, where water spreads and dissipates its force.

Spoon-maker hawks his handmade wares at New Orleans Jazz Fest

JazzFeast: WWOZ Mango Freeze Provides More than JazzFest Refreshment ~NOLA DEFENDER

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