Tuesday, June 12, 2012

 Commitments of the Corporate Class ~American Zombie~Today (just turned today @ 12:05 am) is going to be a bloodbath at the TP.  I am as horrified as the next New Orleanian who pays attention and loves this city.  I fully realize the impact this has on the future of of New Orleans.  I am actually more horrified than most everyone else because I am about to become a Flying Wallenda without a fucking safety net.
That's not to say that I haven't wanted to smack the shit out of some people at the TP in the past, as I know they have me.  Still, we are part of the same tribe.  I may be a "know-mad" but I also need to know the badasses are on the hill, keeping the campfire lit.  I need to look UP and see the flames churning.

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