Friday, September 14, 2012

LaPlace residents say strangers looting houses ~AdvocateTwo weeks after Hurricane Isaac surprised LaPlace residents, many have turned from cleaning up flooded homes to trying to cope with “strangers” they see prowling their neighborhoods while loading up trucks with couches, lawn mowers, appliances, television sets and just about anything else of value they can haul away.
“That has been the biggest problem or call for service we have had to deal with since the storm,” Sheriff Mike Trege said.

Critics say Nungesser didn't do enough to protect Plaquemines from flooding ~WWL

Vietnamese group sets up distribution site ~WVUE

Hurricane Ike Claims Still Being Filed Four Years Later ~Claims Journal

Drilling on wells to begin at Assumption sinkhole ~Daily Comet

Sunday: Goodfellas (and the Wildbunch!) second line parade ~Big Red Cotton, Gambit

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