Thursday, June 6, 2013

First named storm of season, TS Andrea, forms in Gulf of Mexico
Tropical Cyclone Storm Surge Probabilities:
Chance of Storm Surge >= 2 feet (NGVD-1929) at individual locations
Tropical Storm Andrea (2013) Advisory 3
For the 77 hours from 05 AM EDT Thu Jun 06 to 10 AM EDT Sun Jun 09

A storm surge of 2 - 4 feet is predicted for Tampa Bay northward to Apalachicola, and rip currents will be a risk for swimmers who brave the high surf. Fort Pickens, located in Gulf Islands National Seashore on a barrier island offshore from Pensacola, Florida, has been closed to visitors due to the approaching storm. A single 2-lane road vulnerable to storm surges runs to Fort Pickens. Officials want to prevent a repeat of the situation that occurred in September 2011, when Tropical Storm Lee pushed a storm surge over the road that blocked it with sand and debris, trapping numerous campers and visitors in Fort Pickens.

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