Sunday, July 7, 2013

Almost Saints Sunday!

Sheriff spends lavishly on Exterminator, one of his most generous campaign donors ~Gordon Russell, Advocate N.O.

Voices On Violence: The Violence Has Changed Me, But This Is Home ~Valerie West, WWNO

Two firefighters dead after fatal crash in Long Beach ~WLOX

Essence Festival gives New Orleans economy a big boost ~WWLTV

Officials ask FEMA to help fight cost increase ~Nikki Buskey, Daily Comet

New Orleans companies expanding into exports ~Chad Caulder

Pressure on House to pass farm bill ~Deborah Berry and Christopher Doering, ~Town Talk

Flavors and ingredients from some of our best-known dishes had origins elsewhere ~Advertiser, Lafayette

Visitors and optimism warming up summer in South Mississippi ~Mary Perez, Sun Herald

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‘A sense of heritage', ceremony pays tribute to slaves in Congo Square ~Jim Derry
~In 2001, a small group gathered to pay homage to their ancestors. On Saturday, for the 13th time, the annual gathering included hundreds of people at Congo Square — the same site where many slaves sang and prayed more than 200 years ago.With a white altar sitting beneath oak trees, this year’s Maafa Commemoration opened with “Sunrise at Congo Square,” a three-hour tribute that included worship and celebration. Some arrived before 6 a.m. Saturday to the sound of drums and other music native to western Africa. A procession followed on foot to St. Augustine Church, where those in attendance prayed at the Tomb of the Unknown Slave, and through the French Quarter, where slaves once were bought and sold. It then traveled to the Canal Street ferry for a sing-along and an offering of gifts to the ancestors.
~At right: Advocate staff photo by Eliot Kamenitz---Morikeba Kouyate plays the kora at the Ashé Cultural Arts Center during the 13th annual Maafa Commemoration on Saturda in Congo Square. Maafa is a Swahili term defined as the Holocaust of Enslavement referring to those traded as slaves from Africa.  
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