Monday, November 11, 2013

Typhoon deaths climb into thousands
~Aerial view of Philippines disaster


Brandon Black said...


I just wanted to write you and inform you of the project we've recently completed, New Orleans By Gaslight, and our upcoming book projects which have just been opened for submissions.

New Orleans By Gaslight was the first locally written and produced steampunk anthology set in the city of New Orleans. It is currently available via and has been well-received in the press.

The book itself:

Press articles:

Our upcoming projects are Cairo By Gaslight, a steampunk anthology set in Victorian-era Cairo and Fey-Fic: The Other World, an anthology of magical realist stories about the Fey and Faerie:

Both of these projects are open to submissions and we'd very much appreciate it if you could share the word.



Editilla said...

Thanks Brandon!
I'll also go on da twittas riot now!
Good luck wit'yo fine project!