Saturday, January 11, 2014

St. Claude Main Street has volunteers from New Jersey building a "community park" on out-of-state Board Member's property ~Shtetl Chic
~Editilla Hotellas~ I woke early this morning with my first thought: Saints Game Day! Then my second thought was Out Of Coffee. Walking across St Cloud to Mike's for coffee, my 3rd thought remains: What The Fuck Is This, illegally placed Katrina Shorthand on La State Hwy 49? And btw does anyone know this asshole below? He recognized me from the video cam I flipped the bird at after seeing the monstrosity of Katrina Shorthand above and then all their NO LOITERING signs in every window of Bywater Art Gallery. Though he knew my name, blog and twitter handle, he wouldn't give me his name while harassing me as I tried to walk to Mike's. He said he doesn't believe the Corps of Engineers floodwalls failed, maintains Katrina flooded Bywater. Says he was standing on this spot 8-29-05. I'da taken his friend's pic but he physically threatened me.
UPDATE: My many Bywater friends on twitter gave me this sociopath's name: Maurice Slaughter. The morning later would see him honking his horn continuously whilst screaming my name across St. Claude Ave, pulling over to take picks of my front door and then even accosting me in front of my home, screaming: "Bruce, I've got you! I know where you live!" Well, Maurice, you ignorant slut, Editilla gots yous by the Spades.

Suits over newspaper layoffs move to federal court ~AP, via New Orleans Advocate

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