Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dear Editilla, help Louisiana stop Senate Bill 553!

The vote Monday on the Senate floor will set the tone for the rest of the session! It's absolutely critical that we stop Senator Adley's bill SB 553.

SB 553 will halt the SLFPAE lawsuit if passed through process and not ruled unconstitutional in court.

We need your strong grass roots effort between now and Monday evening!

Please pick up the phone and call these four State Senators and ask the staffer to leave a message.

Sen Dale Erdey (225) 686-2881 
Sen David Heitmeir (504) 361-6356
Sen A.J. Crowe (985) 643-3600
Sen Conrad Appel (504) 838-5550
Tell the staffer this: I would like to leave a message for the Senator urging him to vote against SB 553 because it will dismantle the good government that citizens voted for after the levees broke.

It is critical that you make your phone call by 3 PM Monday April 14.

Want to do more? Please send a letter to your state senator urging him or her to vote against SB 553.

SB 553–filed by a northern senator–would restrict the ability of the new Flood Authority to hire qualified attorneys without the Governor's approval. Most importantly, it would undermine the Flood Authority's existing lawsuit already filed against Big Oil.

Thank you for your support of

With your help, we're winning.

Sandy Rosenthal

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