Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lake Ponchartrain Basin Foundation helps teach kids to fish ~Andrew Canulette, The Advocate

Hidden in plain sight ~Fix the Pumps

Climate Scientist: Manhattan Will Need “Venice-Like Canals” to Stop Flooding ~Claus Jacob, Next City
~Editilla Cotellas~
Mr. Jacobs, 80% of New Orleans flooded from 3 catastrophic engineering failures: 17th Street Canal flood wall, London Ave Canal flood wall and the Industrial Canal flood wall --NOT from hurricane Katrina storm surge. These flood walls breached at below design spec, due to a number of bad calls by the US Army Corps of Engineers, to wit: bad soil (in the case of the London Ave Canal: SAND), Inadequately driven sheet piles, Incorrect design of I-walls instead of T-walls. These are the facts, not the innuendo of media Katrina Shorthand.
I find it disingenuous at best for you to proffer that the devastation of New Orleans 8-29-05 was anything but a man-made disaster. To quote engineering professor Dr. Raymond Seed: "This was a man-made disaster 2nd only to Chernobyl." Hurricane Katrina devastated the MS Gulf Coast. The Corps of Engineers struck New Orleans.
Please educate yourself and adjust your view on this tragic case of criminal product liability.

Oil boom produces jobs bonanza for archaeologists ~Josh Wood

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