Wednesday, March 19, 2008


13 Dead, 3 Missing in Central US Storm

Film Festival Schedule & Locations

A look at the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival~Susan Larson

Karma Come Home By Dustin Parks~CenLamar

Obama's "A more perfect union" speech & Happy Birthday to...~Your Right Hand Thief

What we never talk about
~Chasing Ray

NetSquared Meetup at 08NTC in New Orleans Tonight

Cry Me a River
~Journalist Michael Grunwald on the hubris of the Army Corps~Grist

Engineering Change~A brief history of the creation and growth of the Army Corps~by Jennifer Cutraro~Grist

Disaster Recovery Supply

EPA, Army Corps Square Off Over Mississippi Delta Drainage Plan

Levee, coast money needed as $300 million OK'd last week falls far short?

FEMA sets price for documents at $209,990
~FEMA is requiring The Advocate to pay $209,990 for documents the newspaper requested for a story about the agency’s post-hurricane contracts.

FEMA, Manufacturers of Relief Trailers Face New Lawsuit

Louisiana moves from 10th to 2nd-most dangerous state

Crime & The Katrina Controversy~Redstick Rants

A fiscal conservative in the bedroom
~James Gill

~U.S. Sen. David Vitter (R-Pampers) is obviously correct when he says that "anyone who looks at the two cases will see there is an enormous difference" between him and Eliot Spitzer. Vitter, as befits a Republican who styles himself a fiscal conservative, stuck to a relatively modest budget, apparently never paying more than a few hundred an hour for sex.

Vitter (R-Pampers) Claims There's 'Enormous Difference' Between His Case and Spitzer's, Really?~Howie Klein

Criminally Negligent Dumbass Ex-FEMA chief, Faux Disaster Consultant, Michael "Brownie" Brown o'whines: "If there's another disaster, like Katrina ... I want to have a gun"

Fisheries revival plans get state money

Cash crunch jeopardizes Katrina relief network

Voluntour Opportunities in New Orleans~Intelligent Travel

An alternative spring break for University of Buffalo students in New Orleans

How Catholic is New Orleans?~NOLA Notes

BECA Gallery: Call to Artists~New Orleans Photo Alliance

Jammin' At Condon's & From New Orleans to London/New Orleans Joys~Michael Steinman, all about Jazz


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