Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mardi-Momma Earth Day

You've Come A Long Way Baby

The inaugural Hands On Earth Day events in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Buffalo, Phoenix and Portland, OR were such a success, we expanding our Earth Day school greening projects to even more U.S. cities in April, 2008. This partnership with Hands On Network is part of a larger EDN program to green all the schools in the country within a generation.
Eartheart: TreeHugger Presidente: Dest0nio

Operation Clean Sweep No Longer Monitored by Graffiti Hurts

~Editilla gotta'schilla~
Betta late than neva'land, I always say. Sorry to have missed this when it first appeared, but this is a most excellent piece and the MFKn WORD'UP on this Most Heineous Spew from the Dark Side of the Great Nothing Mordorific Anti'Artists Fartist--Fred. And hell it is Fat Mama's Day, so I feel like going easy on da'Gray Bastad, but I'm not there to hunt him down like our Poler Heroes, already on da'splainin--and some things just don't get enough sky time.
NOLA RISING has proven to da'Rillas and da'Rest of us that da'Show might very well be over when da'Fat Lady Sings--but The Show Will Go On!
Who'Dat Beat da'Beat tween Love and Mo'Lovin, Paradox and contradiction, Rrrrrevolution and dddevolution, Novelty and habit, Shut-Eye and Sleep, Goodbye and Gone, Tension and Compression, Shit in one Hand-Half'Dozen in da'Utter, Life and Death and da'Birth of Rock'N'Roll in Spades? Nola Rising as ineluctable as da'rollin wave form
symbol of yin and yang, it licks the wounds of our forgotten coasts and our naked city wit'all da'care of Mama Cat, always ready for an Encore, another run and pages of new scripts to write and hang about town...and it is all ways there to make me smile.
I mean, Gentle'Rillas need not have witnessed the Crucifixion of New Orleans during what I euphemistically refer to as "The Troubles" at the start of the federal flood. You really should not have been here to hear the absolute screaming jail'house punk'rape of our Beautiful Lady--to know what it means--to first return to the scene of the crime, the sepia death watch, the quite devestation, to understand what it really means to look up and see Nola Art still hangin, see a page of the story still being written, then another, then another the way it all ways starts, with the first tear...
or drop of rain from the eye of a hurricane.
The Enemy can only butt'crumblin run
before such a Tide as This.

National Situation Update:

Tuesday, April 22, 2008
~Homeland Security Threat Level:

Flood Stage Levels, current 'real-time' guage readings~USGS

Bossier levee work started, funding iffy~Bossier Parish, and many other parishes, were banking on a free or low-cost levee certification from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. However, funding issues may leave these entities spending millions of dollars for a private engineering firm to complete the certification required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

New Orleans Daily Photo
-1 year old!

Gentle'Rillas have seen Steve Buser's photos grace da'Ladda all over da'place.
With loving thanks and great googly'mooglies,
we say again and again
You da'Rock & da'Roller, Noble Mon!

Bioships, flying seeds, stolen books, walking buildings
~Meet Editilla's new hero from da'NAQOYQATSI!
~the Art and Artifacture of Marco Casagrande
who sent da'Ladda'Rillas a video of a recent project-
Trojan Rocking Horses Attack Taipei!
Parts 1
& 2~Finnish architect Marco Casagrande and Alaskan sculptor Martin Ross together with Tamkang University (Taiwan) department of architecture students created 8 Trojan Rocking Horses to attack Taipei City. During the offensive campaign to gain control of the city the Taipei citizens wrote down their dreams and wishes and placed them into the welded steel horses approaching the city center to eventually siege the Taipei City Hall. The campaign culminated in delivering Mayor Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) the keys of his city - the citizen data in the belly of the horses. The work became a direct cross disciplinary action according to Fritz Lang's maxim: THE MEDIATOR BETWEEN THE HEAD AND THE HANDS MUST BE THE HEART.

I want to go back to New Orleans
~Judith Klinger

2008 National Conference of State Ledislators Summit
~"a meeting of ideas, solutions, innovations and connections--is in New Orleans--America's European masterpiece, a city of style and taste, the birthplace of jazz, July 22 - 26.
You'll "want to be in that number" when thousands of legislators and staff gather in New Orleans at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center for the most important conference of the year."

Bayou Boogaloo ~May 23rd & 24th - New Orleans
~This is da'place where yer'errant Editilla saw my first fleur dis'tattoo that first year after the storm! I had so needed da'Boogaloo! Laying on the ground that day as I looked about there were others no two alike and never in the same location on da'bodies politic. I think Lynn Drury may have been on stage.
I had just finished off a fat one and rolled over to reach for some more shrimp but instead grabbed an ankle full of fleur.
It worked. I came home again.
Chere'Yat Bourgeois Nievete, Sinn Féin!

How to Wear High Heels 1.0
by Chantel Williams
~Pop-Rock Candy Mountain

We Are Family~offbeat

Heart & Soul
of New Orleans (Live)
- The Neville Brothers

Nicholas Payton~Into the Blue


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