Friday, May 2, 2008


Thanks fo'da hidden passions, New Orleans Daily Photo

"This American Life" comes to the City That Care Forgot and the Presidente Left for Dead
~The Chicory

Flood Stage Levels, current 'real-time' guage readings

Hurricane Katrina Mississippi recovery update - 31 Mar 2008

Hearst-Argyle 1Q profit more than doubles on Katrina-related insurance settlement

McCain blames bridge collapse on earmarks -- then backs off -- reminds press corps of befuddled Reaganimations
John McCain's obsession with banishing "wasteful government" spending in the form of "earmarked" projects has long annoyed his colleagues in Congress. But he may have gone a bit too far lately.
In New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward last week, McCain startled reporters when he said Congress was partly to blame for the failed response to Hurricane Katrina, because it "funded pork-barrel projects" instead of "projects that were needed here."
This week, McCain blamed earmarks for the deadly 2007 collapse of a Minnesota bridge. According to the Associated Press, he told reporters that the bridge "collapsed because so much money was spent on wasteful, unnecessary pork-barrel projects."
The collapse, which killed 13, remains under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board, but authorities suspect a "serious design error" as a factor.
~Editilla takes a pilla called Bend'rellax ()~
This is starting to feel so much like Ronald Reagan all over again like the itche from head-lice on'da brain. Remember how he said that trees cause pollution? Remember?
Da'Dick'Tater'Ship will shock us with steadfast gall
but they are predictable. We gotta give them that.
Thus we shall see the next boot coming, eh?
But what wall-climbing Laddarillas really want to know is
will he pick Hillary as a running mate?

The Politics of Hypocrisy: McCain slips out from under his rock~OpEd News~"To suggest that he was surprised about the Bush administration's botched response to Hurricane Katrina is hypocrisy at its best. In fact, he helped to shape that response by voting down several measures that would have helped the Katrina victims."

Rocky Road: Time Defends McCain's New Orleans Gaffe
~Karen Dalton-Beninato

There's this house in New Orleans

Harry Connick Jr. to star in New Orleans-shot movie for Lifetime

Protégés of Alvin Batiste
Jazz Fest OZ'Blog

Today's Fess'chedule

Best of the fest: Friday, May 2

Tuba Fats: one of the chosen few~Lolis Eric Elie


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