Wednesday, October 8, 2008

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Storm study to model warming effects ~Mark Schleifstein
~In a hurricane modeled at 185-meter (202-yard) resolution, a smooth ring of strong wind appears around the eye (left). When the resolution is increased to 62 meters (68 yards), the ring breaks into a set of small, turbulent segments (right). Each image covers an area of 37x37 km (23x23 miles). (Illustration courtesy Yongsheng Chen and Rich Rotunno.)

Levee panel seeks more applicants ~Sheila Grissett
~In addition to these four openings, the committee is recommending reappointment of one east bank commissioner, Tom Jackson.
~Editilla gotta ax~ 2 questions...
1) Why have you not asked the Levee Board about Tom Jackson's past and current ASCECORPS associations and the glaring Conflict of Interests reflected therein?

2) Did you by chance
ask for (and can you please give us) a list of the other Applicants names?
We The People should be given a chance to check them out, as we simply cannot trust the Levee Board's own deliberations --while they still involve such a prominent former ASCECORPS consultant contractor
as Tom Jackson.

We ask everyone to join in soliciting this information from the Levee Board so we can report it forthwith upon receipt
or not. So we can get back to having Trust. However, we tire at having to once again ask Picayune Questions while your "reportage" Provides No Answers, but merely "Announcements".
3) Why ask Why.

Ex-corps chief admits $70K credit-card embezzlement
A former U.S. Army Corps of Engineers director pleaded guilty to federal embezzlement charges for allegedly stealing more than $70,000 from the government. Hat T'n'T~The Masqued Accountant.

New Orleans to Return Guns Confiscated During Katrina

Best thing about the debate
- It’s over~slabbed

~"What a waste of time and opportunity - not to mention incredibly bad television. I felt like I was watching the monitor for a security camera a good portion of the time - particularly when McCain was lurking in the background."
~Editilla can't stand it~
~Grunting Butthead Mood Swing Bobble'head Doll

Really though, I thought the Little Guy sounded more like a South Parked Character from the horror movie
"Boys from Brazil"
--only with McSame, the Creepy Vicodinchurian Can'O'date, they seem to have cloned one of Ronald Reagan's Turds since all the Little Hitlers had turned into Mules and Mr. Hankey only comes out at Christmas.
As if we needed further Evidence that the World is going to Mall in a hand basket? Ronnie'Mac say Bitch!

Auditor reports wrongdoing in Katrina cottage program
~Michelle Millhollan

Official: Cottages will be on time

Deadline for Road Home

La. asks FEMA to cut paperwork

Homeland Security and Economic Recovery~HS Today

US credit crisis threatens
New Orleans' recovery
~Becky Bohrer

Corps of Engineers calls for new dam construction

Animal control officer returns with horror stories from Ike

City of Living Metaphor
~Editilla d'Aphasia

~One can often see more of New Orleans in the blink of an eye or casual glance... than in all of the photographs, television exposes or movies every shown. Hidden in plain view, bundling out of flower pots or cool, shaded courtyard gardens behind little wrought iron doors with tiny windows in the middle of them, she is a city of living metaphor...

Food and Music is Best
in New Orleans

October Surprises
~Margarita Bergen

Screening of “Talkin’ Water” at NOMA

~Screening of Talkin’ Water, a coming-of-age story shot by four African American teenage girls set against the backdrop of post-Katrina New Orleans, with live appearances by two of the star filmmakers and the director/producer, preceded by Your Neighbor’s Steps, about a New York artist’s project for New Orleans art collective Art in Action. ~Tonight 6pm~NOMA
Hat T'n'T~ASJ&R

Radiators see decades of NOLA changes

Center for Music and Arts Entrepreneurship at Loyola


K. said...

Nice piece about the streetcars! I like riding the Garden District car to the very end so that I can be there when the seats change. My boys thought that was completely cool when we took them to New Orleans.

New Orleans Ladder said...

Well Thank'ya, K!
Editilla really likes your pieces too, Mon, and t'was t'inking of axin you anyway about that book review we wrote for Rope-A-dope press.