Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mercredi Grows Audience, Continues to Attract Expats Post-Federal Flood
~Mallary Jean Tenore

~Editilla begs'ta Crotella~Allow us to introduce:
The Deuce of K'ville, Dealer of Katrina Shorthand, PR Punkster:
James O'Byrne, pumping his own horn, who failed to mention the man who built and to whom we owe a great dept of gratitude for keeping it rolling post flood: Jon Donley, the man who kept his ass in gear during the Deluge and thus kept me in touch with my lost friends.
This Was The Only Place To Find Anyone,or at least some word.
Jon Donley should win a Combat Pulitzer for Hangin'da Word'Up.
Mr O'Byrne came onto running after the outlet "laid off" Mr Donley, the former founder editor in chief.
I'm not saying that was a smart move or anything.
I just have a real problem with the way O'bryne continues here to try to pee down our backs and tell us it was Katrina. It wasn't Katrina as it wasn't Obryne who brought to the rescue.
It was the Flood, and it was Jon Donley.

But, all the figures and data for which Mr O'bryne is taking credit truly and actually resulted from Mr Donley's leadership before during and after the Federal Flood. You see, it wasn't the Storm, as Mr O'bryne is attempting to Miss-Frame. It was the Flood.
He is proffering what the New Orleans City Council just voted unanimously to stop: Katrina Shorthand in the Media.
It wasn't Katrina that devastated New Orleans and sent everyone running. It was the Corps of Engineers Bad Flood Walls Failing.
Natural -vs- Man Made Disaster is a difference which makes a difference --especially in regards to Mr. O'Bryne's career arc.

I can tell you this, as a voracious fan of (since the Flood) and the Times-Picyune (for a loooong time), since Mr' Obryne took over at back in February (a mere 9 months ago) I have seen the Corps Investigative Coverage drop to nearly zero.
Hell, for example, we had to drag them kicking and screaming just to do a fluff-piece on the Inoperable Pumps the Corps has installed on our outfall canals!
And still no follow-up on those Bad Pumps! Grrrr.
I don't know whether that is Amoss or O'Bryne, but so much boondoggle civil engineering has seeped under our levees due to the Corps of Engineers POST-FLOOD that it would make anyone wonder what has happened to the Times-Picayune?
We have serious problems now today with the Corps and yet would rather turn itself into a Social Networking Glory Hole along the Facebook business model.
But, Gentle'rillas, please remember one thing here, don't let O'bryne fool' him and all Lazy Faux Journalists I say:

Aaaiiight Now! Oyster-Ban Joke ain't funny no'mo
~FDA to ban sale of raw Gulf oysters to fight bacteria; restaurants, harvesters cry foul ~Cain Burdeau/AP

Louisiana blasts FDA plan to limit oyster production
~Chris Kirkham

~“It’s not only going to include raw oysters. You can’t fry oysters for a po-boy, you can’t put oysters in a gumbo and you can’t charbroil oysters unless they’re post-harvest processed,” said Tommy Cvitanovich, owner of Drago’s restaurant, a mainstay for oysters in the metro area. “That’s ludicrous.”

Developers Eye "Completely Destroyed" Charity Hospital
~Save Charity

With Charity Hospital, it's nice to see Conflicts of Interests don't enter into LSU Biased Coverage by NO City Business

Pulitzer winners to discuss Hurricane Katrina recovery
~Two journalists who were central to The Times-Picayune’s Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of Hurricane Katrina will speak at the University of Southern Mississippi Thursday, Nov. 5, as part of the College of Arts and Letters’ World of Words lecture series.

"Scabies of the heart"
~Your Right Hand Thief

The Warning: The Incredible Story of Brooksley Born. How the Financial Crisis Might Have Been Averted ~slabbed
~Editilla Notellas~ Slabbed is flat on the 50 pound Hammer today so we jus'gonna leave a general link, don'wan no major, or even private link --an'sho don'wanna get corporal on they ass.
So make sure to fang the whole page like a fresh bag'0'beignets.

Guard equipment to return from Iraq, Congress told
~Rep. Gene Taylor, who represents Mississippi, said that one of his state's National Guard units that had returned from Iraq had only 60 percent of its equipment to use when Hurricane Katrina hit. He asked if equipment currently in Iraq will be made available to state and local agencies.

Despite concerns, development still heads to the coast
~Curtis Morgan

New cell phone device offers way to communicate during disasters

Dr. Edwin H. Place’s Encounter with JFK at South Department, Boston City Hospital, 1920 ~SEMP

New Orleans Jazz Fest Volunteer Photographer Program 2010 ~NOPA

Dear Editilla, we've just finished a new video for
New Orleans poet Chuck Perkins.
If you're from New Orleans, you'll get it right away. If not, you'll get a crash course in the city's quirky and colorful street names.
We filmed this at Chickie Wah-Wah's back in May and hope to have the whole show up by the time Chuck heads to Europe in November. Enjoy - and if you like it share it! ~Ken
P.S. Please share Food Music Justice videos with your friends inside - and outside - of New Orleans.

Krewe du Vieux 2010 theme announced~Kevin Allman

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