Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oysters, nesting birds face threat from Gulf of Mexico oil spill
~Dallas Morning News

~Also~this from Cain Burdeau,
~Last night from the Times-Picayune

~Long detail from Fire Dog Lake
GRN's View from Above
Oil Leak from Damaged Well in Gulf of Mexico~NASA
~These images of the affected area were captured on April 25 by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite. Please click pic to enlarge.And btw, isn't this ability to see the reason we have a Space Program?
~Editilla Gozentas~ Since it was established April 23rd that Oil indeed is flowing from this well head nearly a mile below the surface, we can estimate today 211,000 gallons (5,000 barrels) of black gold heading up and towards Louisiana. Please engage the Earth Observatory site and watch The Blob growing. Oh Snap!

Cook recalls harrowing escape from exploding oil rig

The Man Who Knew
~Bayou Child

The (flawed) 2011 coastal plan will be rubber-stamped in June. Then what? ~LaCoastPost.com

Saved by the Sea~David Helvarg

Cleaning up after the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet

"We think those few extra words are worth the effort."

Get a real job Timmy... ~slabbed

Yazoo County shows resilience

From Nagin to Landrieu
~Clancy Dubos, Gambit

Finally cooking with gas: NOPD Superintendent candidates and an emerging fiscal crisis
~Eli Ackerman, The Lens

Please don't peel the onion
~American Zombie

New Orleans master plan returned to City Planning Commission ~Bruce Eggler

Rise of the Generators
~Mike Shields
~Hat Tweet~Jondonley

Africa is Alive and Well in N.O.
~Garden of Irks and Delights

~Hat Tip~Humid Beings

Memories Of The Katrina Tour Bus~Cliff's Crib

The sounds of 'Treme' lead one to the source~Dan DeLuca

Represent~Sound of Treme

Sack of Town, blogging 'Creme'
~The Overpassed Up Misery Tour...
~On the 7th Day Goddess Wept...

Celebrate Helen Hill on May 8th
~New Orleans Can Thrive

Food Fight! On Oak Street, beat
de'Po'Boys on de'Battle Front!

LaPlace andouille shop plans to re-open Wednesday after fire
~Joy Herdes

Launch Fest - a fun conference for serious entrepreneurs
~Hat Tweet~pbodenheimer

New Orleans Jazz Legends Rest In Peace in Gentilly Cemetery

Gene Lees, Jazz Critic and Historian, Dies at 82


Foxessa said...

Gee Whiz, wasn't it no problema just a few days ago? My goodness how did it happen that this call was all rong? My goodness how did this happen at all? Such a surprise. Such a shock. How can any oil drilling in the already so much dead in so many places Gulf create any more problems for the Gulf and for the lands around it? O dear O dear O dear.

Da oil bidness, still giving and giving and giving.

Love, C.

P.S. your generator has a really good one this AM -- 'flice' = fried lice?

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

I'm tollin'ya, Fox.
My Tweet fo'da Day is "Nobody toll'me there'd be days like these..." but actually they did tell us. They said, "First we're gonna tell you how we're going to fuck you, then we're going to fuck you, and after that we're gonna tell you how glad you are that we fucked you before all the resources run out! Oh and we gonna Sack Your Home Too!"
Well, maybe not in so many words, and the message is rather mixed up in Public Relations and the ambiguity of Fictional Television.

The Big Slick is now 5 times the size of Greater New Orleans including the west bank southward. It is too big to sail, it is coming and there ain't a fucking damn thing we can do about it at this point even if they stop the flow today --which is nearing 1,000,000 gallons of crude oil.
And what have we heard from the Governorcist?

Thanks youz.
PS~ The Word Thingy Formecator (WTFr) has Got You Now.
:) :) :)