Saturday, June 19, 2010

British Petroleum's partners are backing away as Anadarko, with 25% stake in rig, blasts oil giant's 'reckless decisions'
--As Questions remain about who's in charge of BP oil response
~Anadarko CEO Jim Hackett (aka: Donnie Darko, Hymie the Robot) criticised BP's 'reckless decision and the actions' of PEO Tony Feyward (aka: Smurfette) and Thad The Impaler Allen (aka: Vanity Smurf)
~Donnie Darko: Smurfette doesn't fuck.
Sean Smith: That's bullshit. Smurfette fucks all the other Smurfs. Why do you think Papa Smurf made her? Because all the other Smurfs were getting too horny.
Ronald Fisher: No, no, no, not Vanity. I heard he was a homosexual.
Sean Smith: Okay, then, you know what? She fucks them and Vanity watches. Okay?
Ronald Fisher: What about Papa Smurf? I mean, he must get in on all the action.
Sean Smith: Yeah, what he does, he films the gang-bang, and he beats off to the tape.
Donnie: [shouts] First of all, Papa Smurf didn't create Smurfette. Gargamel did. She was sent in as Gargamel's evil spy with the intention of destroying the Smurf village. But the overwhelming goodness of the Smurf way of life transformed her. And as for the whole gang-bang scenario, it just couldn't happen. Smurfs are asexual. They don't even have... reproductive organs under those little, white pants. It's just so illogical, you know, about being a Smurf. You know, what's the point of living... if you don't have a dick?
Ronald Fisher: [pause] Dammit, Donnie. Why you gotta get all smart on us?

Troubling testimony from BP engineer warrants Justice Department's attention
~Manuel Torres

~Editilla Hotellas~ We should not bow to this Preternational Oil Corporation Snakedown Extortion of Job Losses over the Deep Water Drilling Moratorium. OK, if they want to drill in our Deep Waters, then they can obey our laws and regulations.
~For Example: Smurfette Tony Fey Hayward has escaped our shores and is now bent- over, spreading his days at the yat'races!
~The yacht 'Bob' owned by BP Chief Executive Tony Hayward is seen at left as the sun rises Saturday before the 5 a.m. start of the JP Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race near Cowes, Isle of Wight, off the south coast of England. June 19.
~The good thing about yacht races is, there are probably no “small people” there.
~A BP spokeswoman says BP chief executive Tony Hayward is attending a yacht race off the Isle of Wight in southern England. Spokeswoman Sheila Williams says Hayward took time off his duties handling the oil spill catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico to see his boat "Bob" participate in the J.P. Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race on Saturday.

~Thanks Ho!
~Editilla Dotellas~ Can Somebody Arrest this Pinky MFKR?
This Effete Ass Bastard Sheep Fakir? This Wang Dang Noodle?
This Forking Icehole Corksucker? This Queen's Boogerlark?

Is the BP Gusher Unstoppable? ~Mother Jones
~You know by the time it reaches the Times-Picayune, we are good and truly forked! Bea is more concerned about the worst-case scenario than Van Nieuwnhuise. In an answer to a question, Bea said there is reason to think that hydrocarbons are leaking from places in the well other than the containment cap. "The likelihood of failure is extremely high," Bea said. "We could have multiple losses of containment, and that's going to provide much more difficult time of trying to capture this (oil)."
~"What does this mean?" (asks the Oil Drum) A down hole leak is dangerous and damaging for several reasons. There will be erosion throughout the entire beat up, beat on and beat down remainder of the "system" including that inaccessible leak. The same erosion I spoke about in the first post is still present and has never stopped, cannot be stopped, is impossible to stop and will always be present in and acting on anything that is left which has crude oil "Product" rushing through it. There are abrasives still present, swirling flow will create hot spots of wear and this erosion is relentless and will always be present until eventually it wears away enough material to break it's way out. It will slowly eat the bop away especially at the now pinched off riser head and it will flow more and more. Perhaps BP can outrun or keep up with that out flow with various suckage methods for a period of time, but eventually the well will win that race, just how long that race will be? one really knows.... However now?...there are other problems that a down hole leak will and must produce that will compound this already bad situation.

Equipment malfunction halts oil suctioning~Jaquetta White

BP Engineers and Uncle Sam Provide a Double Whammy for Louisiana~Sandy Rosenthal
Who currently supports the 8/29 Investigation?

GOP = Grand Oil Party?~slabbed

Concerns mount about destination of oil-spill waste
~Naomi King

BP claims process manager prepares to set standards for payment

Colbert Nation raises $130,000 for Gulf grants~Amy Wold
~Clean brown pelicans are seen at the Fort Jackson Bird Rehabilitation Center Friday, June 18, in Buras. The birds were rescued and cleaned after being covered in oil from the BP Leak. ~LeveesOrg I challenge a jeweler to create a better rendition of the sturdy yet graceful endangered Pelican than what I see advertised on

James Lee Burke Foresees Devastation of His Louisiana Wetlands ~Bloomberg
~Burke worked his way through college as a sort of scout for Sinclair Oil Corp. in the 1950s. He knows from experience that oil has already worked its way into the area’s canals, eroding a root system vital to the integrity of the marshlands.
“There are 10,000 miles of extant canals that have been cut over the decades through the Louisiana wetlands,” he says. “The first time there’s a storm surge -- and it’s probably going to happen this summer -- that oil is going to be driven into those canals. That’s the story that’s not being covered.”
~Hat Tip~

Leaking Well at Platform 23051 Location - New Images ~SkyTruth

Vast Amounts of Methane in Gulf Spill Pose Threat

Friends of the Earth ask for end to Big Oil influence in politics
~Green Heritage News


Treme…Creighton and I
~Bayou Creole

~I’ve just finished watching Sunday’s episode of Treme and apparently, ole Creighton has committed suicide.