Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jindal: "We're In a war to keep the oil out of our wetlands"
~Geaux on, Governor! Show us yer'War Face!
~But! Butttt! What Would Ivor Say? WWIS???

BP's Deepwater Oil Spill - the Problem of Cleaning Up Marshes - an Open Thread~The Oil Drum

Oil leaves bayou communities in distress~Nikki Buskey

The hole I dig is bottomless
~Library Chronicles

Flight over BP Oil disaster Day 52
with Marine Biologist, Dr. Carl Safina
~Gulf Restoration Network

*BPGlobalPR Just dumped 40,000 barrels of free $25 "bp cares" t shirts into the gulf. Who will pay for this?
~Oily waves hit Alabama; better cleanup demanded

{“In Liberty Pond the geese were brown – they’re normally white – I’ve probably known those geese for years, because I’ve gone to that park all the time,” said Ashley Anderson, a local climate activist. Anderson gave me this account of the ground-zero-like scene at Liberty park during the press conference. “There were 25 firetrucks and hazmat suits everywhere. It smelled like the inside of a garage with a diesel truck running. The air was pretty bad.” ~Salt Lake City, Utah?}

Some say red tape slows oil leak fight~Gary Perillioux

BP oil spill FOIA request: Foreign vessels & technologies denied use by feds
~Yobie Benjamin

Jones Act Not A Concern For BP Oil Spill Cleanup

BP's 'reporters' should put down their pens~Rowena Mason

BP, Coast Guard, Law Enforcement Block Reporting on Spill~Humid Beings

BP Oil Fail upping price for domestic shrimp

Chasing the oysters~Ray in Exile

'Washed Away' examines health of coastline
~Donald W. Davis's new book couldn't be more timely, although discussing Louisiana's vanishing coastline was news before the BP oil spill.
Still, Washed Away? The Invisible Peoples of Louisiana's Wetlands (University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press) hits bookstores just when we need it most.
~Peril~Essay by Don Davis, Independent Weekly

Nature photographs a reminder of treasures threatened by oil spill~Sheila Stroup

Gaining Ground: The Value of Restoring the Mississippi Delta
~Earth Economics

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