Sunday, July 11, 2010

La. official says BP may cut payments to 40,000~BP has decided to reduce payments to tens of thousands of people whose claim files are incomplete, the secretary of Louisiana’s Department of Children and Family Services Kristy Nichols said. “This action is irresponsible and in complete contrast to BP’s repeated promise that they will ‘make things right,”’ she wrote in a letter sent Friday to federal oil spill claims administrator Kenneth Feinberg. It was not immediately clear how severe the payment cuts would be. BP did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

BP reportedly in talks to sell Alaska oil field~Prized Prudhoe Bay asset part of $12 billion deal to help pay for Gulf disaster

~The New Orleans Levee

~Dear Gogo,
I work for BP. How do I tell people this without freaking them out?
--Apprehensive on Orleans Avenue
~Dear Apprehensive,
How the hell did you land an address on Orleans Avenue with an attitude like that? Freak out?
Are you even from New Orleans?
~LEVEE illustration/Michael DiBari

Sunday Funnies~Citizen K

Oil taints the shores of St. Tammany
~Ron Thibodeaux

~But! But!! What Will Ivor Say Next? WWISN?
~Editilla Contellas~ New Contest!
What Will Ivor Say Next? WWISN?
Placer yer'bets -errrah- suggestions in our comments section! The sabbier da'betta and the sabbiest we will Tweet to our millions of followers! HA!
~Let's ask The Magic 8 Ball!
Editilla Specticulatas~ We think Ivor will next say that the oil has been dispersed by dispersant and these alleged undersea plumes are just so much food for oxygen depleting bacteria but that's ok because BP cares...
-or something along those lines. Basically we say that Ivor will say next what ever the fuck his British Lords want him to say.
But whatever he observes as a scientist in their employment will be BP Property. The Press cannot cover this crime but Ivor van Heerden can cover you with BP Propaganda like an oil-soaked Rat Bag!

Investigator to Internet Defamers:
"I'll Find You!"~Carol Forsloff

Oil-spill investigation commission visits Houma~Nikki Buskey

Scientists propose big experiment to study Gulf oil spill

Texas must prepare to become U.S. biological reserve

Burke novel has elements of oil spill

BP oil spill puts oyster shuckers, traditions on ice~Brett Anderson

49 Days 2 Year 5:
A Photographic Journey

Reminder: Mother-in-Law Lounge benefit tonight! ~Gambit

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