Thursday, July 15, 2010

Levee authority engineers to focus on deliberate rust design issues by Corps ~New Orleans Corps of Engineers defends using "sacrificial" steel for pilings ~Sheila Grissett
~"The consultants sort of presented a mixed bag . . . and no resolution," said engineer Bob Turner, the regional levee authority's executive director. "What I've been asking the corps for, and what hasn't happened yet, is to get all our experts and all their experts in a room together and let them argue it out while we listen. I'm not accusing the corps of not doing the right thing, but they've got to show us that they're doing the right thing on this issue," he said. "That hasn't happened yet, and I'm not comfortable walking away from it does."

Sick ‘n Tired of the Victim Role ~NOLAFemmes
~charlotteAsh Robbing New Orleans to Pay for BP's Spill This REALLY makes me mad. #nola #oilspill #bp #blacktide #deepwaterhorizon
~Makes Editilla Mad too, Mrs Charlotte. Madder than a flock of Carpenter Bees.

Protect Gulf Wildlife, Not BP
~Gulf Restoration Network

DHH: La. seafood passes sniff test

Head of EPA Grilled on Dispersant
~Known Media Felon gives Sen Barbara Mikulski two thumbs up for slamming EPA on dispersants when EPA won't answer in hearing and wants to "consult their lawyers".

Oil Well closure complete as pressure testing continues

“We don’t ground all planes” analogy crashes and burns
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

~Editilla Notellas~ We moved this one onto today for the pithy commentary.

Oil Industry Expert suspects BP has ulterior motive behind oil well cap
~Raw Story
~Oil industry expert Bob Cavnar isn't buying the official story. He told MSNBC's Keith Olbermann on Wednesday that the repeated missteps cast doubt on BP's explanation for why the cap was necessary in the first place. Cavnar believes that BP's true goal is to make it harder to measure the flow of oil from the damaged well, because under the Clean Water Act, it will be liable for civil penalties of up to $4300 for every barrel spilled.
"While they have every incentive to get the well killed, BP also has every incentive to not capture 100% of the well flow until they do," Cavnar wrote last week at Huffington Post. "As soon as they do capture all the flow, then a real, measurable number will be in front of the public, and that's the last thing BP wants, since that number will then be used to extrapolate environmental damage, hence per barrel fines that will likely run to the tens of billions anyway."

BP's Broken Window~Andrew Beattie
~Many people see economics as an idealistic science that applies to the world in only the most broad and tangential ways. This may be true of some economic theories, but it certainly doesn't hold for all. While the BP oil spill disaster is just that - a disaster - it does offer an opportunity to look at one important economic fallacy: the broken window.

Shelters fill as Gulf Coast pet owners struggle with economy, oil spill

Happy Birthday Pants'Man!



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