Friday, August 13, 2010

An Absurd Experience on the Beach
~PDX 2 Gulf Coast
~Editilla Notellas~ Wish we'd found this blog sooner. Please make sure to hit the home page of this blog. Until you do: Making It Personal: Individual Stories From the Gulf
~The_Gambit Dear nat'l media: That "disappearing oil" is all over Orange Beach, AL. if you want to look:

BP's oil-spill waste dumped on communities of color~Facing South

Oil's toxic legacy not erased~Politico

FEMA will forgive $18 million hurricane recovery loan to St. Bernard Parish~Bob Warren

FEMA "boneyards" near New Orleans, ready to move in again?
~Judith Martin, GHN

Water control system to monitor closure of New Orleans floodgates

SkyTruth Work Helps Link Mountain- top Removal and Water Pollution


angry cajun said...

Edtilla, you asked what happened to the trailers in Arkansas. I heard that they were auctioned off, but then the winner couldn't close the deal for whatever reason. They were also disappointed in the extremely crappy condition of the units. Don't know anything after that.

oh and I'm working on my blog. Thanks for encouraging me.

Editilla said...

Thanks Cajun,
I recommend using BlogSpot or Blogger the same that I use for the Ladder --in case you haven't picked one yet.
It just seems like Blogger's edit page is damn near idiot proof which helps me greatly as you can imagine
Also, it seems the very versatile.
I just recently changed to this design format, picked from a whole bunch of other new ones they were offering, which I like because it shows more information across the screen and fills it out a bit better, and chiefly because of the way you can post full sized youtubes (though I still cut them down to about 580 Width)

If you go with Blogger, I can probably answer a lot of questions about layout, editing, fitting or wrapping the text around pics and sizing youtubes and pics etc.
Please fang down the Ladder and take a look. When you get to where the sentences look oddly laid out, that is from the time before I chose this new design format, but I'm not going back through nearly 1356 posts (to date) to change it.

Do not try to email me through my Blog's email, which is really for spammers and weirdos.
If you can do Twitter, then start following me
and we can do a secure email swap.

Good luck!

Editilla said...

On Twitter, by sending short messages.