Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tar balls, dead fish & no clean up crews worry Hancock Co. residents, despite MS Gov Babar saying oil is "not toxic" ~WLOX~Hat Tip~Florida Oil Spill Law

As the Narrative Turns…Fraudulent Fisherman…Agenda Setting in the Gulf
~Disenfranchised Citizen

BP, feds uncertain about final stage of killing well~Sandy Davis

Efforts to cap well in Assumption face setbacks~Nate Monroe

Children don't mean a thing, if you aint' got that bling~American Zombie

Crescent City Farmers Market confronts demand for 50 monthly city permits ~Masako Hirsch

Plan for new teaching hospital conflicts with New Orleans master plan, consultants say~Bill Barrow

New Orleans scales back recovery vision ~Michelle Krupa

Your favorite Flood-inspired art?
~Editilla Moves Onward~ It is time we all moved on from calling this Katrina to calling it by its true name: The Anniversary of The Federal Flood, the Corps' Flood or, as aptly and strongly continues to label it, The 5th Anniversary of the Worst Civil Engineering Disaster in US History.
It was NOT Katrina that crucified New Orleans 8.29.05.
It was Engineering Failure by the US Army Corps of Engineers.
Even as the Louisiana State Museum prepares to enshrine this catastrophe as Katrina, help us out here to keep the focus on what really happened and why.
For now I'll settle for just: The Flood of 8/29.

15 Days 2 Year 5:
A Photographic Journey

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