Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dr. Riki Ott Says Health Officials Covering Up Thousands Of People Sick From BP Gulf Oil Spill~Hat Tweet~Bayougirl

Gulf Health Problems Blamed on Dispersed Oil~Darh Jamal, Truthout
~Hat Tweet~Whodat35

TD 5 may redevelop over Gulf of Mexico
~The remnants of Tropical Depression Five are still spinning over southwestern Georgia, and the storm is headed southwards towards the Gulf of Mexico, where redevelopment into a tropical depression could occur by Tuesday.

Speaking of Hurricanes and Denying The Flooding of New Orleans...

~Bruce Nolan at the Times-Picayune proves once and for all that he is working for the people who flooded New Orleans 8.29.05: the Corps of Engineers NO District!
~Editilla spits bloody needles in cramps of memory~

So! Bruce Nolan wants to work for the Corps of Engineers! Well let's send him out the door with a nice kick in his traitor's ass! I want this lying asshole fired for lying to the public by impersonating a journalist at the Times-Picayune.
Some call him simply a "jerk" for consistently denying the cause of The Flood of New Orleans 8.29.05. While most of the T-P actual reporters, even Sheila Grisset, have come around to the danger of calling our devastation "Katrina", Bruce Nolan continues to sell the Corps meme of ALL KATRINA ALL THE TIME.
I have enough of a problem with the Louisiana State Museum setting up an exhibit for "Post-Katrina" New Orleans, but this is much more insipid, even sinister.
He is either completely stupid, or is using his ass for his brain to get a job writing PR is for the Corps of Engineers under the table. He is a liar of the worst sort who has always slyly skirted The Line that we all know only too well.
Everyone not stuck on the fictional TV show Treme remembers The Line.
It was EVERYWHERE and defines the difference between a Natural Disaster which missed New Orleans and the Man-made Disaster which crucified the city 8.29.05 with Criminally Negligent Engineering by the Corps of Engineers. Everyone knows this, at least everyone I've spoken to in the past 5 years.
So despite the Facts, the indisputable facts, that the Corps flooded New Orleans Nolan still writes articles that say Katrina did it ---and Jim Amoss published it!
Whoever knows this punk, can they please slap him on his junkyard dog nose?

New Blog! Poke Salad Granny!

Here's another fav-o-mine thang blog:
Notes from New Orleans

~If we could describe our feelings for the Big Red Cotton, in a word or a few...
it would be until the peacocks call, in the bald moonlight of an old pecan grove,
red shoes falling across the windshield of an old Ford,
writing their names in the Red Dust.
~Way cool, this from their video section! Check'em out, toll'im Editilla say High!

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