Saturday, August 21, 2010

Here I'm Is, Da'American Zombie Woof
~Editilla finds the hair of the dog and hunts wit'it~
Follow our Intrepid Zombie as he takes Cedric Richmond through the William Jeffersonian Spin Cycle. After "Goating" one fey mayoral candidate into obscurity on last years campaign trail, our herolero thus dove under the radar to fly over the hated Oil and cover it for us with his wide-angel Zombie Eye.
But apparently, in secret, he has been busy at work in his Zombie Shop, tinkering and building the next iteration of the Zombie Attack Protocol Asskick (ZAPA)!
The C.O.R. --Chaos and Order Reorganizer-- is a mechanical harrow that looks like a feral Washing Machine fueled by Black Irish Whiskey and China White.
It is designed to masticate, to separate, to extricate da'Pros from da'Cons.
CLANK! Hello!? Is that the sound of an expensive Rolex watch smashing onto the inside Bling Attractor Rods (BARs), as Cedric Richmond begins to slowly unravel, going centrifugal in the Zombie COR? Here I'm is... Woof Indeed!

~"The arrogance of President Obama saying it's religious freedom to build a mosque at ground zero, (that's) equivalent to building a monument to the Army Corps of Engineers where the levees broke in New Orleans."~Hunt Downer, Tea'Tea candidate in the 3rd Congressional District.
~~~OK, how's this for Artifacts Not Politics?
When: Monday, August 23 at 10:30a - 11a
Where: 6932 Bellaire Drive
(T-intersection of Bellaire and Stafford)

~At ground zero of the 17th Street Canal in Lakeview New Orleans, will unveil its first Louisiana State Historic Marker.
The traditional Louisiana state marker, (prototype at right, from the latest New Orleans Magazine, click pic to enlarge) complete with an emblazoned and beloved brown pelican on top, briefly describes the events surrounding the catastrophic breach of the canal’s wall during Katrina. “For too long, visitors to this flooded neighborhood were deprived of dependable information about what happened here,“ says HJ Bosworth Jr, civil engineer and lead researcher for “Now the answer will be there for everyone to see.”

~Historical Plaque To Mark Site of 17th Street Canal Breach~WWL
~Editilla Notellas~Above is an artists rendering, the actual thing is more 3D.

~The Big Uneasy, August 30th, coming to a theater near you!

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"If God Is Willing and da Creek Don't Rise": Review~Salon

The Friend I Miss...
~Disenfranchised Citizen

The Blond Haired Sister in Popeyes Chicken~Cliff's Crib

~This one goes out to Drake...and Cliff...and to all of us, Loved and Lost...

~Susan Cowsill performs tonight at the Maple Leaf!

Begin Again: Notes On a 5 Year
New Orleans Evacuation
~Karen Dalton-Beninato

8 Days 2 Year 5:
A Photographic Journey

My Elmer can do more in three minutes than those speed-daters do
~Poke Salad Granny

Five years after The Flood, New Orleans sees higher percentage of Hispanics~Ylan Q. Mui

AAJ questions oil spill victims rights in claims process~Green Heritage News

Details Faulted in Plan to Pay Oil Spill Claims~James McKineley Jr.

Oil spill adds to housing woes for Katrina victims in Mississippi

Gulf of Mexico oil spll landed sucker punch as region struggled to its feet after The Flood
~David Hammer

BP begins looking for mystery pipe

Thad Allen explains working with BP on dealing with leak~Sandy Davis

Governor Jindal calls for 5-year seafood monitoring

Let's play Video Saturday!

~Hat Tweet~Whodat35

Funky Mexican folk art and thrift-store finds spice up Carrollton home
~Karen Gadbois is best known as a serious New Orleans community activist, a crusader whose Squandered Heritage blog and The Lens investigative journalism website have tracked the city's Hurricane Katrina recovery and uncovered wrongdoing by public agencies. But at home, her playful side comes out, expressed in the decor of her Northwest Carrollton home and in her favorite non-work pastime, sewing.

~drewbrees Hope to see everyone at the Dome tonight for our home preseason opener. Gameday baby!
humidbeings Baby I'm a #saints fan that's why I say #WHODAT "Bring 'em to the dome" @Dee1music @shamarrallen #nola #music

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