Saturday, September 18, 2010

Third fish kill reported in Plaquemines
~Parish leaders say relationship deteriorating with BP/Coast Guard.

NPR Censors The Big Uneasy, yet says it is Harry Shearer vs. NPR? WTF?
~Editilla Bitellas~Hey N-PR, FYYFFs.
Try to sew Harry's mouth shut and then try to say he's screaming at you? HA!
Do you seriously think that dog will hunt?
OK, if you don't want Harry's money to promote information of vital public safety, then you don't want mine either. N-PR, No $$$oup For Youz!



Horatio Algeranon said...

Editilla says "they [NPR] have become truly National Public Relations radio."

Horatio thought it had come to stand for "Nothing Pertinent Radio"

or "Naturally Petty Radio"

or "National Pathetic Radio"

Horatio used to listen back in the good old days (decades ago, mainly to car talk in the [unfulfilled] hopes of getting a tip on how to fix his 66 Ford Pickup), but, over the years, NPR has become WAY too obsessed with faux/Fox "balance" for his taste.

That is especially true on scientific issues like climate change, which do not lend themselves at all to NPR's balanced "He said/She said" formula.

NPR acts like there are two equal sides to every issue (ie, that there is no underlying truth or reality), a stance which Horatio (having been educated as a physicist) finds simply bizarre.

Editilla said...

You got dat'Right, Ho.
People should understand that N-PR makes much more money off of Corps of Engineers contractors and stakeholders than they would like you to believe. Believe it.
So they would sew Harry's lips shut and then try to say he's screaming at them. Right.
I fucking hate non-profit PR. Hate it.
If they don't want Harry's money then they don't want mine either. What say youz, America?

Horatio Algeranon said...

Over the last decade and a half, NPR has essentially become like every other corporation-funded "news" outlet (underwriting basically = advertising) with the critical difference being that NPR still gets public funds, albeit "funneled" through their member stations (technically, these stations "purchase" NPR programming, but it's really just good old fashioned money laundering, in this case of public funds)

So NPR has a distinctly unfair advantage over truly independent "member-funded" news outlets (eg, Democracy Now!) who are not part of the "rigged" system.

And don't even get Horatio going on "Non-profit" as it relates [NOT!] to NPR (whose CEO gets over half a million dollars a year and [many of] whose "hosts" get a quater million or more).

BTW, IHHO, NPR's "ombotsman" is a real piece of work
Reading her "logic" makes Horatio's head spin (like a top).

Editilla said...

Hey, I started with NPR practically from the beginning with Bob Edwards --whom they shat upon 1 year before he retired! Those bitches.
But now Bob is On Top with Sirus Network. Go Bob!

I remember when N-PR sold out to Velvetta. It was during the 2nd Reagan regime. They just took it.

Now we have National Public Relations.