Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy 44th Birthday to the 44th Superbowl Champion N.O. Saints!

11TH Annual All Saints Day Jazz Funeral Second Line Today, 3 P.M.

Why All Saints' Day Means More in New Orleans~Errol Laborde

Gusman’s courthouse threat looms as he awaits payment~Matt Davis

I love this blog~American Zombie

For some homeowners, disputes with lenders over flood insurance proceeds lead to foreclosure~Rebecca Mowbray

Upper Hurstville lowers security fee as election nears~Uptown Messenger

Nagin-era records continue to muddy city loan account
~Ariella Cohen, The Lens

Between a crook and a hard place: A Louisiana Lite Gov election update ~slabbed

Louisiana Green Corps November 5th Outreach Party~Watershed NOLA

LSU professor: Crude oil in seafood NOT detectable by ‘smell test’ — “We are being lied to”~Florida Oil Spill Law

BP Oil Spill Taking Toll on Louisiana Indian Tribe~Joshua Philipp

‘Uncertainty’ Leads to Next Wave of Economic Fallout~Veronica Del Bianco
~“People talk about the Gulf Coast economy like it’s a homogenous thing,” says Dr. William Barnett II, a professor of economics at Loyola University’s College of Business in New Orleans. “It’s not,” he adds.

SkyTruth-MCBI Study Looks Back at BP / Gulf Spill, Looks Forward With Recommendations

Number of residents denied BP money up sharply

Trying to gauge a Louisiana recovery

Monday Reads~dakinikat

Book of Rocks, Flowers and Birds
and Precious Horshes~Gambit

~Voodoo Hash House Harriers

New Orleans Coffee Festival coming up this weekend ~Bouille

Goodrich to Showcase Geospatial Capabilities at GeoInt 2010 Symposium in New Orleans

From car bodies to guitar bodies

Kermit Ruffins: He's just not about the music Happy Talkin', Cookin' and Swingin' ~Geraldine Wyckoff

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